Thursday, October 3, 2019

UK: Gang of 16 Knife Wielder Thugs Single-out White Victims in London

A gang of sixteen knife-wielding thugs robbed a group of young athletes in London’s Finsbury Park, threatening to kill the three white people if they didn’t hand over their phones, but telling the black people who were with them “you’re good.”
The six victims, reportedly the ‘biggest athletes’ from the sports academy, were walking home through the park last Monday at around 8:00 pm when they discovered they were being pursued by a group of 16 males, the Islington Gazette reports.
“They were being tailed by one of them on a bike. Then there were 16 of them. They circled them and picked one off to the side and said: ‘Give me your phone or I will stab you – put in your Apple Pay password,” Adrian Klemens, a coach of the Dynamic Sports Academy recalled.
“Out of our group three were white and three were black and they said to the black guys: ‘You’re good,’ and just attacked the white guys,” Klemens continued.
After the victim put his password in wrong several times since the account wasn’t his own, one of the assailants told him: “If you get this wrong again you’re dead.”
Thanks to his athleticism and his nerve, the victim grabbed his phone and made a mad dash out of the situation. The two other white victims in the group – aged 17 and 22 – weren’t so lucky and had their phones stolen.
The victim who had to run for his life is now fearful to go back to the academy.
“The kid who ran over off said he’s scared to come now – they threatened to stab him. It seems like they’ve been scouting for a while now so who knows if a gang of 16 guys wants to come out to the stadium when we are training – it’s very scary,” explained Klemens.
“We need a physical presence in the park. I’ve been running that sports academy for 13 years and I’ve never seen police,” Klemens said.
So far, there have been no arrests but police are still investigating.
Interestingly enough, no physical description of the suspects was mentioned by the Islington Gazette.

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