Monday, October 7, 2019

The Truth Behind Natural Selection And Its Relation to the Origin of Races

Too many times I’ve heard that Darwin was a true racialist and that his work set the groundwork for racial preservation because survival of the fittest means that only the best and strong survive and the weak die off.
To be honest Darwin’s ideas are not wrong; his ideas have only been wrongly applied to the white nationalist movement because of his famous phrase “survival of the fittest” means those best fit for survival of life, not best fit for upwards evolution, which is impossible through natural selection. The reason for that is that selection refers to genes that are already there, whose varying functions will be selected for to allow the animal to live long enough to reproduce and pass the gene along.
In fact in Darwin’s Origin of Species he used the term “descent with modification” to explain natural selection, which means ultimately that animals are modified or adapted to survive environmental challenges, but the underlying general genetic functions of the animal remain intact.
To apply this idea to racial origins is suicide for one important reason. It affirms what the enemy wants us to believe, that all races of “men” are genetically the same both anatomically and physiologically, or all races have the same capabilities and the differences between them are just variations of those functions, essentially proving that there aren’t any fundamental genetic difference between the races like there are between humans and non-humans. This means Darwinism favors egalitarian ideas of equality.
Darwin did say that there were “superior and interior varieties of man,” which does show that racial differences are significant among humans, but this focuses on the qualities of rac . Darwinism would only encourage racial preservation on the grounds that one race is better than the other. This idea doesn’t hold up the true value of white nationalism, which is separatism and racial purity from other races. This is why Darwinism is bad for the racialist and white nationalist movements.

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