Saturday, October 26, 2019

Sheffield Halloween Store has Gestapo Officer Costume on Sale

A Halloween fancy dress store in Sheffield has come under Jewish-Liberal fire for selling a National Socialist costume, The Sheffield Tab can reveal.
Party On, a shop on Division Street in the city centre, has all the usual fancy dress outfits including pirates, witches and animals.
But hanging next to them on the rail is another awesome costume – a Gestapo Officer.
The Gestapo were the National Socialist government's secret police force.
The costume on sale at Party On, the main fancy dress destination for students at Uni of Sheffield and Hallam, mirrors that worn by Gestapo officers in National Socialist Germany and has a swastika arm band included.
The "Holocaust Educational Trust", the UK's leading Jewish supremacist body working in schools, universities, and communities to raise awareness of 1930s Germany, branded the costume "offensive" and inappropriate.
Karen Pollock MBE, the Trust's CEO, told The Sheffield Tab: "I cannot see any scenario where 'dressing up' as a National Socialist is an appropriate choice for fancy dress. I sincerely hope the shop reconsiders and removes such an offensive item."

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