Monday, October 14, 2019

Letter from German Political Prisoner Ursula Haverbeck, Who Just Celebrated Her 91st Birthday in Jail

Letter from Ursula Haverbeck; British patriot and frequent National Front candidate Richard Edmonds, writes the following below.
Dear Friends,
Today I have received a letter from the brave campaigner from Truth in History, Ursula Haverbeck. Ursula expresses her astonishment and thanks for the amazing number of letters and cards of support that she receives from Britain and from France, and indeed from the whole world. In her letter to me Ursula H. singles out her specific thanks to Michele R. and to Peter R.
Let me repeat here, that letters and cards of support are a God-send to every brave and honourable patriot locked up in a narrow prison cell mixed in together with anti-social types and criminals, and isolated from the world and friendly faces – that’s prison, and in this nightmare “modern” world many of the prisoners will be Third-world criminals with Third-world personal habits.
All the more reason to send a friendly, cheerful card or letter, (which does not have to bear the address of the sender) to our brave Ursula:
Frau Ursula Haverbeck, JVA Bielefeld-Brackwede, Umlostrasse 100, D-33649, Germany.
Note on a related matter: The Jewish community in Bielefeld has raised its objections to a parade through the town, which friends and supporters of our Ursula have planed for next month, to commemorate her 91st birthday, that the astoundingly vigorous Ursula Haverbeck will “celebrate” in the Bielefeld prison (JVA).


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    1. You mean Holocaust is Fake ? JEWS TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT THE "HOLOCAUST"

  2. This old woman Is In prison because of the cruelty of the fucking JEWS!


  3. You wonder why the Jews were kicked out of 109 countries and why there is so much antisemitism even today because the Jews never forget and have nothing better to do than throw people in jail because of what they think which obviously isn't in harmony with how the Jews think,of course the Jews think in moral degeneracy... which gets them kicked out of 109 countries all the time...except America... and we see the degeneracy that they have left here in America.

    1. Joe Spot... I know you will like this video we put it on another site ( lots of good info) since jewtube was knocking them offf... ;) JEWS TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT THE "HOLOCAUST"

    2. My brother!!! I find you all the way over here. You're a good man, Joe!

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