Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Do Not Play the Part of a “Supremacist” — Leave That to the “Chosen Ones”

Many people seem to feel compelled to argue a case for White survival based upon how great our ancestors were, especially compared to others. Indeed, our people have the capacity for great intelligence and creativity and are responsible for cultural developments throughout history that are unparalleled, awe-inspiring, and worth preserving. There is certainly an argument that could be made that White people are “better than” this or that group, but this is not the argument we need to make. We do not need to prove our worth to anyone (other than ourselves) in order to not be the victims of genocide.
It is not like the jews who are responsible for White genocide will put a halt to their plans because they finally have seen the value of the White race. The beauty and greatness of our people throughout the ages is precisely why they want to see us swept into the dustbin of history. Their proxy armies also do not care one bit about our inherent qualities, and are often jealous of them, seeking to bring down those greater than themselves. Honestly, most of our enemies realize how great the White race was, and how great it could be yet again; it’s unfortunately our very own White brothers and sisters who have been indoctrinated into thinking we are worthless Whites, not even worthy of continued existence, and they will not be swayed by IQ charts, classical art, and a good history lesson.
Our arguments should be made from the moral high ground of opposing the genocide of our people, a distinct sub-species in the world. It is wrong to obliterate an entire people on purpose, regardless of whether not the people can be proven to be objectively beautiful, intelligent, and creative. We should not have to prove our worth and justify our existence to anyone. Even if we had not created anything of value in the world, we are White and we have every right in the world to fight for our existence.
Isn’t it telling how some “humanitarians” would be up in arms if a particular African ethnicity was scheduled for extinction, even though they might only have an average IQ of 65 and bring no real value to the world, yet these same people celebrate the destruction of “Whiteness”? There are also plenty of environmentalists who want to save animals on the endangered species list, but don’t give a damn about White children, who are a dwindling minority of the population. This is especially short-sighted considering how White people are particularly interested in environmental preservation.
We do not have to play the part of “victim” here, but we should not also play the part of “supremacist,” as this is playing right into our enemy’s hands. By always focusing on how great we are and how awful everyone else is, it gives the impression to outside observers that we are like the slave masters of old, seeking to cement our place atop the inferior races. However, most genuine pro-Whites do not wish to lord over anyone else, but just seek a safe and homogeneous environment in which to raise families.
White people do not need to be better than anyone else in order to love, value, and prefer our own. I don’t care that some Asians or Ashkenazis might have higher IQs than some White folks, as I still have preference for my own people and do not want to see them submerged by an alien invasion. It should not matter that Black folks have lower IQs and a tendency towards violence, as they are racially distinct from us, and each group requires its own living space.
It is actually the jewish supremacists who seek to live in a multicultural morass (outside of Israel) and lord over the assembled peoples. Their religion teaches them that they are the chosen ones, ordained by god to be the masters over all the other people. Destroying White people makes this goal of theirs easier. We need to point out how jews are actually doing all of the horrible things that they have been accusing White people of doing. How they can possibly look in the mirror and think that they are better than anyone else is beyond me, but this psychopathic thinking of theirs has been going on for thousands of years.
Never let your enemy define you. They want you to be a supremacist, so instead you should be something else, such as a White civil rights activist.

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