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Demonizing Germany: A Daily Job of the Jewish Media


By Robert
Ever notice all the articles harkening back to WWII lately? The prosecution of a so-called “guard” for a labor camp, a newly-discovered unsung hero who did (who cares) during the D-Day invasion, a “hollowcost” survivor who (despite being a newborn in 1945) vows to “never forget” and kvetch endlessly about how hounded/oppressed/non-worshiped the jews are. Et cetera. Et cetera.
You see it in films, tv, news, documentaries, video games, novels, everywhere – Germany must apologize since they refuse to perish. Have you noticed how the Italians (currently having rapefugees pushed on them) and Japanese are not treated with such vitriol? If anything, Italian and Japanese culture is afforded a mystique and respect when compared to how even the most distant Germanic history is distorted, degraded and minimized.
Enter the media’s treatment of World War II and a particular article that caught my eye in July. On BBC News, we are regaled with “Kursk WW2: Why Russia is still fighting world’s biggest tank battle.” The article is a somewhat interesting read IF you can sift through the propaganda and warnings laced throughout. There is no stated author.
For anyone who has studied the Wehrmacht’s Operation Citadel – aka “Kursk Campaign,” including the Battle of Prokhorovka – with an ounce of honesty will realize that the collective forces of Europe were simply outnumbered, as SS General Sepp Dietrich said “10 to 1.” That includes tanks, of course. Obviously, this campaign in the summer of 1943 claims to be the focus of the article. However, if you read the article with a critical eye, you’ll see it is more for the purposes of propaganda and warning as well as putting forward this ridiculous notion of the judeo-communist philosophical superiority rife in today’s Russia.
At the center of the article is an analysis of Prokhorovka by British historian Ben Wheatley, who teamed with German historian Karl-Heinz Frieser and were published in the German periodical Die Welt. Their collective analysis dealt with a proverbial briar patch on the Prokhorovka battle field in which the Wehrmacht laid a trap at a bridgehead bottleneck for the red army, involving: a Russian tank ditch that trapped/disabled dozens of Russian T-34 tanks and allowed the Deutsche Panzerkorps to pick-off dozens more tanks as they lined up to cross a bridge over said tank ditch.
Relatively innocuous, right? The Die Welt article author Sven Felix Kellerhoff went as far as to say the humbling of the red army’s armored divisions at Prokhorovka should lead Russian officials to tear down their memorial there. Granted, the memorial bestows a laughable heroic status on the judeo-communist’s tank crews for that battle, but the numbers of tanks lost/destroyed are absolutely STAGGERING in favor of the forces of the Wehrmacht and SS Panzerkorps. Aerial photos (cited in the article) even support the Wheatley-Frieser research that Germany lost maybe 4 Panzer IV tanks compared to the unimaginable loss of OVER 200 soviet tanks.
We’re talking about historical research. You go to the source materials, try to interview men who fought in the battle, read official records, even diaries, radio transcripts, and what have you. Research. It is a poorly-kept “secret” that the judeo-communist philosophy fed its people happily into a meat grinder in WWII. Human life means absolutely nothing to the jews who were and are behind the communist way. This is how genocides in Ukraine (Holodomor 1932-1933) managed to kill off over 7 million people via starvation, execution and torture. This too is backed by historical research, yet today’s Russian ruler doesn’t seem too anxious to acknowledge it. I wonder why?
However, reflected in this article is what the current Russian (and poorly-disguised jewish communist) rulers are truly obsessed over: elevating the communist as some sort of superhuman while denigrating everything about National Socialist Germany then and anyone engaging in honest historicity today.
If you can believe it, Russian ambassador (Nechayev) to Germany had this to say: “Attempts to rewrite immutable historical facts, falsify the events of those years, play down the decisive role of the Soviet people in defeating Nazism and freeing Europe from the ‘brown plague’, look unworthy and insulting.” That’s an ambassador commenting on the simple findings of an analysis of the collective historical record. Sound like the typical jewish tactic of going straight for the emotional appeal when you have nothing else backing you?
Do yourself a favor and reread what Nechayev said. “Immutable historical facts?” Hmm… What else are we discouraged from questioning? Now the Russian superman is beyond reproach? So, never mind the 66+ million Russians who were starved/executed/tortured under jewish communists Lenin, Stalin, Kruschev, Gorbachev, etc, right?
“Freeing Europe from the brown plague?” If you don’t think court historians today in schools are not trying to demonize Germany when speaking of WWII, think again. Nowhere will you hear the actual, true tenets of National Socialism. Nowhere will you hear of Hitler’s economic reforms and how they made Roosevelt’s “new deal” only a shadow in comparison. Of special note (and completely off-topic) is that you’d be hard-pressed to find a positive telling of Louisiana governor Huey Long’s modernizing of Louisiana while in the depths of the Depression. He accomplished what he did while avoiding running up the debt Roosevelt subjected the entire United State to.
Even lemmings in the Russian parliament sounded off with Alexander Sherin calling for “the prosecution” of Die Welt’s editor. The BBC World article goes on to state that Vlad Putin has sought to raise soviet- …excuse me, Russian national pride. In the process, he is doing what his fellow jews in Hollywood, US media, publishing, university, etc are doing as well: demonizing Germany every chance they get. But calling for the “prosecution” of an editor?
Think of WWII related “true stories” and even outright fiction. They ALL seek to make Germany the villain every time, even if it’s an idiotic video game. It just has to be Wehrmacht zombies? Really? Credit is due to the BBC article, however, as it goes on to cite a nephew of a Russian veteran of the Kursk campaign who related that his uncle acknowledged soviet tanks vs German ones were destroyed at a 10-1 ratio in Operation Citadel.
Be that as it may, the battle lines are still drawn and anyone writing, presenting, or producing a film that shows National Socialist Germany in a fair or positive light can expect an effort at shaming you from doing so. In face-to-face interactions (most while traveling) I have been confronted by jews and shabbos goy who do their best to act ultra-triggered that I am quietly reading “Achtung Panzer” or the memoirs Wilhelm Keitel to name a few.
What are they so afraid of? Why do they hate it so much when we educate ourselves in seeking the truth? You and I know exactly why. Because not only do historical facts not bow to jewish kvetching, but WE do not either.

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  1. A nation with population of 70 million, Russia, UK, Usa is already down to in man power 10:1, despite Germany held her ground for almost 6 years. And each individual battle, convinces that they were out numbered and out gunned at least 5:1.


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