Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Blood & Honour Concert Set to Go Ahead in Melbourne Despite Antifa Campaing to Stop It

A National Socialist concert by Blood and Honour and Hammerskins in Melbourne appears set to go ahead this week with the state government saying it is unable to stop the event taking place.
Saturday's concert is being promoted by Southern Cross Hammerskins and Blood and Honour.
On Tuesday, Jewish supremacists and liberal extremist groups will join the antifa group "GetUp!" on the steps of Victoria's Parliament House to present a petition of 27,000 signatures calling for the free speech and free expression on the concert to be shut down.
It comes on the back of several weeks of liberal extremist campaigning, including from the opposition, for immediate action to outlaw the patriotic gathering and others like it.
But authorities have few powers to act in advance, meaning the concert will go ahead at an undisclosed location in Melbourne.
Attorney-General Jill Hennessy said the government would make a submission to the parliamentary inquiry into anti-vilification protections, "taking into account recent events and activities".
The government would also examine a "range of legislative tools", including strengthening the "Racial and Religious Tolerance" Act to block patriotic gatherings.
However, Hennessy's office could not provide any specific details about what was being considered.
Anti-Defamation Commission chairman Dvir Abramovich met recently with Hennessy and said "he was pleased" legislative changes were on the agenda.
But opposition police and community safety spokesman David Southwick said it was "simply unacceptable" the concert would go ahead.
"The time for excuses and passing the buck is over – if our laws don’t allow these type of hate concerts to be stopped, Daniel Andrews needs to step up and fix them," he said.
In the lead-up to Saturday's concert, posters for another international NS group, Combat 18, have been discovered by Jews and Liberals in North Melbourne.
The liberal extremist Canadian authorities recently listed Combat 18 and Blood and Honour as "terrorist organisations", the first time National Socialist groups were added to that race mixing hellhole country's list.
The other group behind the concert, Southern Cross Hammerskins, is the Australian arm of the global Hammerskin Nation network.
There are no National Socialists groups on Australia's 25-strong terror list.

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