Thursday, October 17, 2019

Anti-White Protesters Cover Columbus Statues in Red Paint and Call to “Kill All Colonizers”

Columbus Day was October 14. It was also the competing “holiday” of Indigenous People’s Day.
I know lots of “White nationalists” like to hail Columbus as a great hero, but it appears that he was actually a crypto jew, and there is truth to the tales of atrocities he carried out against the tribes of the New World. However, there are also many accounts of rape, torture, and murder at the hands of the savages by White “immigrants” and “refugees” who were seeking a better life in a world without borders (see how I flipped the script there?). Actually, one of my American ancestors faced such terror, watching her sons scalped and murdered before she eventually escaped with her baby and made it back to civilization. There are also much older tales about how the Solutreans (and other White people throughout the ages) were brutally exterminated in the New World, which has deliberately been hidden from history.
Regardless of all that, Columbus/Indigenous Day has become one of the times when the anti-Whites ramp up their Commie rhetoric, and this year saw some of them covering Columbus in red. Of course the red paint was supposed to represent the blood of the “indigenous,” and not just the political leanings of the protestors.
One of the statues targeted was in Providence.
Vandals also hit a statue in San Francisco, where Indigenous People’s Day is the official holiday, while an Italian Heritage celebration is allowed to take place on the Sunday before. Since the statue was covered on Saturday night, there were many pissed off Italians, upset that “their guy” was being disrespected.

Below the statue a message was painted:
Destroy all monuments to genocide and kill all colonizers”
Destroy all the monuments that celebrate White genocide? That’d be great.
But kill all the colonizers? That’s a little extreme. I just want to start by sending the illegal mestizos, African “refugees,” etc. back ASAP and allow Whites the freedom of association. We don’t need to kill these colonizers; that’d be really horrible.
Seriously, just imagine if a statue of a “Hispanic” man was covered in “blood” and “massacre the invaders” was written underneath. The outrage mob would not shut up about it for weeks. However, since the “colonizers” are White, it is seen as noble and heroic to call for their mass murder. Let’s be clear here, too, they mean ALL White people when talking about killing colonizers.
This is just yet another example of how the calls for mass murdering White people are becoming ever louder. This one is particularly ironic, given that the protestors are objecting to genocide while also explicitly calling for a genocide.

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