Monday, September 2, 2019

The Jewish Communist Genocide in Eastern Europe

Every day we have our senses assaulted by the lying media’s favorite fable of the fictional Holocaust of six million poor Jews by the Germans. Despite the fact such lies have already been exposed by numerous experts from across the world and even during the land mark trial of Zundel [which did not stop him from being put in prison for five years for telling the truth], the Jews keep up the wailing of their lies, as they are the race of the Big Lie. At this point as their holyhoax tales unravel daily they are left only with state-backed terrorism aimed at those who tell the truth on the subject in a desperate bid to use fear to silence those brave souls who speak out. The truth does not fear investigation.
The Jews ystemically murdered over 100 million innocent Gentiles. It was a whole nation genocide from the top down.

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