Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The IDF’s ‘Friends’ Tweet Backfires, Exposing the Horrors of Israeli Occupation

(TMU) — The Twitter account belonging to Israel Defense Forces (IDF) seems bent on improving the image of the state of Israel’s military forces and often goes to inappropriate lengths to do so.
In their latest attempt to make the internet laugh while their forces simultaneously wreak havoc on occupied Palestine, the IDF tweeted out a video coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the American sitcom Friends.
The 15 second tweet, which can be summarized as an epic backfire, shows a group of young and seemingly attractive soldiers happen upon each other in front of a fountain, much like the intro to Friends, which was first broadcast on September 22, 1994.
“Our soldiers couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate #Friends25 than celebrating… with friends,” the tweet read.
The IDF runs a pretty intense marketing campaign—referred to by some as a pure propaganda—that more often than not includes images and videos of mostly female, young and attractive soldiers.
A quick Google image search makes the Israel Defense Forces look a lot more fun than it is deadly and destructive.
Twitter users, both friends and foes alike, were quick to point out that the tweet was less than tasteful.
Multiple Twitter users who appear to be familiar with Friends got creative with their critiques of the tweet, playing with the episode titling of the popular sitcom, whose titles always begin with “The One With..” or “The One Where..”
The one where Phoebe shot a schoolgirl at a checkpoint.
The one where Joey fired a rocket into an arab child's head.
The one where Rachel shelled boys playing football on a beach.
The one where Monica bulldozed a village.
The one where Ross dropped white phosphorous on a playpark
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Others made their point using Friends gifs.
I got a promotion! I got a promotion! You're looking at the new platoon leader for school house demolitions!
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How can they say everything is bad that we do....

When our soldiers celebrate the LGBTQ...
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And others shared news articles, videos, and links highlighting the IDF’s crimes.
Is that the episode where they drop white phosphorous on a school, or the one where they bomb 17 hospitals, 58 primary healthcare facilities & 56 ambulances?
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What a pity you engage every day in the destruction of and its people...
as part of Israel's uninterrupted program of Colonization, Dispossession, Expulsion, Annexation of lands & resources, Military Occupation, Apartheid & siege@UNHumanRights @CIJ_ICJ @hrw @amnesty
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This isn’t the first time a marketing campaign out of Israel made the wrong kind of waves.
In May, Eurovision Israel produced a cringeworthy satirical video that understandably elicited a largely negative response.
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Unfortunately for Israel, concealing the crimes of an apartheid state actively engaged in unchecked genocide through crafty social media campaigns doesn’t seem easy—or possible.
With images and video of Israel’s war crimes at their fingertips, the internet doesn’t appear poised to let the country get away with making light the brutal reality faced daily by Palestinians.

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