Saturday, September 21, 2019

The Fitness of a Nation is in the Health of its Race

The nation, properly understood, is a term of racial designation as opposed to the modern misconception of the term as pertaining to geography. The people who comprise a nation share among other things a culture, a system of values, a history, a language. These characteristics are the manifestations of a common ancestry, and most importantly a shared race. The nation is one of the structures by which a race organizes in order to perpetuate itself, ensure its survival, and ultimately to advance its prosperity, fitness, and evolution. It is through nationhood that a race expresses its culture, building upon a common set of values rooted in a common sense of morality and religion, mythology and aesthetics. It is the biological basis of the nation, in the commonality of race, that allows it to produce its unique cultural and civilizational achievements – for it is the biological similarity of the nation’s members that make it possible to have a widespread consensus as to cultural norms, and as to what constitutes cultural progress.
This concept of a nation, and the deep interconnection between race and the society it produces, exposes the United States as not a nation at all. It is little wonder that so much effort is made by our implacable jewish enemies to prevent White people from noticing that the putative American nation is something else entirely. It takes little more than having the misfortune of visiting any sizable city to see overwhelming evidence that the United States is frantically trying to eradicate its White population. Every public space is contaminated with brown sub-human derelicts, imported from the worst parts of the world at massive cost, in both monetary and societal terms. One can see the undeservedly rich urban jews and their race-traitor puppets keeping their eyes carefully averted from the sickening piles of litter, partially eaten food, and effluvium as they conceitedly move through the streets. Degeneracy, wretchedness, idiocy, and violence are endemic, and the only permissible response is a vapid, unthinking celebration of these catastrophes – for to criticize them is to consign oneself to unemployable unpersonhood. The alien and remorselessly evil kosher cabal that controls every important institution in our once-prosperous White homeland is engaged in a relentless propaganda campaign that suffuses schools, mass media, and corporate workplaces with the pernicious promotion of miscegenation, sodomy, and the veneration of ugliness. The purpose of the United States, which has been ruled for generations by a ZOG, is to humiliate and ruin White people for the advantage of the jews.
A true nation is organized for the prosperity of the race from which it sprung, not to reduce that race to a state of slavery through punitive taxation used to fund its own demise. A true nation uses organized force to protect its race from invasion and exploitation by hostile aliens, not to threaten violence against the founding race for resisting the unnatural and destructive proximity of savage racial competitors. A true nation inspires its people to defend their racial compatriots and to live parsimoniously today so that future generations can rise to new heights of achievement; it doesn’t encourage instant gratification, reckless hedonism, and perversion.
Was the United States ever a nation, given the presence of blacks and Amerindians? It arguably was, so long as the racial groups were kept segregated – but the mere presence of different races sharing such proximity meant that the White American nation would be perpetually at risk of interracial violence and miscegenation. Violence and race-mixing, over time, can spell the extinction of a race or at least its eradication from a geographic area. The United States, as it exists today, is dedicated to the aggrandizement of jews, the military aggression of Israel, the promotion of deviancy, and above all White genocide through a process of demonization, marginalization, and ultimately mongrelization. Perhaps now the United States is best characterized as a jewish nation – for it serves only the interests of the jews and their efforts to extinguish the White race from the face of the earth. The rabidly anti-White jews who have parasitized the United States (and most other White homelands) are desperate to keep us ignorant of our present precarious predicament, for they realize that the first step toward reversing our demographic decline is for a significant number of Whites to realize what we have lost. It is for this reason that the jews endlessly ply their sleazy manipulations to convince us that our present pigsty communities, the indulgence of the basest primate behaviors, and the toleration of sullen, arrogant, and obnoxious alien races are “the new normal.” The jews do not want Whites to realize that we have lost the high-trust, homogeneous communities that were once the foundation of our past civilizational achievements and racial health.
We must help more members of our race to see the jewish hand behind the despoliation of our homelands into multi-racial cesspools. Many White people have a vague sense that something is terribly wrong with their country, but they cannot articulate why due to a lifetime of subtle kosher thought control and intimidation. Many have been trained by the jewish parasites to simply “shut down” when presented too plainly with the truth. To the extent they acknowledge the truth at all, they acknowledge it as crazy, dismiss it as a fringe conspiracy, or become visibly nervous and apprehensive because of the inherent contentiousness of vehemently criticizing the semitic status quo. Nevertheless, we must not give up on these people, no matter how stubbornly they wish to explain away the glaring problems and hypocrisies that are the visible consequences of the jewish subversion of White nations.
For Americans who continue to harbor a misplaced patriotism to a nation that, for all practical purposes, exists only in the romantic idylls of their minds, a first step in helping them see the true causes of our unfolding national catastrophe is to point out how far the United States has strayed from its founding principles. To be clear, this isn’t advocating for a return to CONstitutional originalism, for such a legal framework (particularly in the case of the United States) is purportedly based on “natural law” – a concept that is synonymous with law derived from traditions and cultural practices, which are of course manifested because of a race. Instead, it is a means for reaching the self-proclaimed patriot, for they are too well conditioned to hate “Nazis” and support American militarism – the former a product of Hollywood indoctrination, the latter a product of ignorance at the degree to which the United States (military and otherwise) is simply a jewish golem – to directly countenance a conversation about race realism or jewish perfidy.
Not every American knows much about the CONstitution, but nearly every American has at least a passing familiarity with the Preamble to the CONstitution.  It articulates ideals that are in shocking contradiction to the current anti-White principles that motivate nearly every action of the thoroughly Judaized Untied States:
We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.
By framing the criticism of the United States ZOG as counter-points to, for example, the Preamble, we can more readily broach topics many Whites will ordinarily not discuss (at least outside of long-standing friends and family). Simply ask questions when patriotic-minded Whites go on about societal problems, and plant the seeds that will soon bloom into awareness: How does letting in unlimited numbers of incompatible races from mutually-hostile cultures create a more perfect union? How do non-White invaders like the mestizo who shot and killed Kate Steinle yet suffer no consequences establish justice? How do we promote the general welfare by allowing unaccountable, rootless international plutocrats in banking, Hollywood, and technology to get ever more wealthy by flooding our country with cheap, mud-world labor (don’t we have enough people already)? How do we secure the blessings of liberty when multi-racialism has destroyed community safety and trust, and led to a militarized police state?
Any of these questions easily leads to the ultimate question: why are we in these circumstances, where we have strayed so far from the ideals this country was supposed to have? It doesn’t take much to go from that point to the jewish problem, and a quick clip of Barbara Lerner Spectre or Noel Ignatiev can break a lifetime of kosher propaganda as quickly as flipping on a light switch. We must stop the jewish-orchestrated White genocide.

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