Thursday, September 26, 2019

NYC Jews “Rally Against Hate” After Attacks by Blacks

Jews have been telling us for years how much “Black lives matter” and that there really is no problem of Black violence in this country, only racist policemen. This shtick has been going on for decades, with jews founding and running the NAACP, marching with MLK for civil rights, and playing the part of “fellow oppressed minority” with their jew-fros, even though they are the epitome of the privileged “1%”. These jews never made a peep while White people were falling victim to “the knockout game,” home invasions, street beatings, torture, and murder at the hands of radicalized Black criminals.
Now jews in New York City are standing up to Black “hate” after supposedly being victimized by it. This past Sunday they rallied at City Hall to voice their frustration that nothing is being done to secure their safety by leaders, who they believe have left them hanging out to dry due to political considerations. jewish politician Dov Hikind is even calling for a state of emergency to be declared because some jews have been supposedly attacked.
From Jewish Press:
Former New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind, founder of Americans Against Anti-Semitism, expressed outrage over the recent onslaught of attacks against clearly identifiable Jewish people in New York City. Hikind said, “It’s out of control and the mayor needs to declare a state of emergency!” Hikind asked why New Yorkers should be afraid to walk the streets in 2019, as he decried the current situation, “Jewish blood is running in the streets.”
People are attacked on a daily basis in NYC, but there is never talk about a state of emergency being declared, but once a kinky hair on a jewish head is harmed, then it’s like the Holocaust all over again and something must be done.
New York City Councilman Chaim Deutsch said he can work with his colleagues at the city council but has a much harder time working with NYC’s Mayor Bill di Blasio. Deutsch questioned why the city council were forced to pass a bill to establish a new office of hate crime prevention, fight for additional security for schools through a city council bill, and put in $2 Million initiative for NYPD cameras around synagogues and houses of worship.
Of course the solution is that jews need extra money for protection. Did you know that back in 2014 the Forward reported that 94% of Homeland Security grants go to jewish groups, even though they supposedly comprise 2% of our population? The money received by jewish groups has seemingly increased since then, with Trump spending even more to protect synagogues. jews are the chosen people, so obviously their lives are more important than those of the “goyim,” so it really is important that they get the lion’s share of security grants. It reminds me of Orwell’s famous Animal Farm, wherein, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.
Some of the jewish speakers at the rally attacked jewish leaders in the ADL and AJC, along with politicians like Mayor Bill de Blasio and Chuck Schumer (who lives a block from Crown Heights) for only being interested in attending fancy meetings in NYC offices, while leaving the average jews to fend for themselves in the streets. The jews at the rally realize that if they were being victimized by “White supremacists,” then more would be done to track down the perpetrators and help them feel safe, but since it is Blacks who are doing the attacking, big names are not willing to speak out against it.
Contrary to Mayor de Blasio who blames these anti-Semitic attacks on white supremacists instead of calling it what it is, Jacobs said, “There is not a single white supremacist in the Crown Heights neighborhood.”
Of course Bill de Blasio, who is married to a Black woman and has mixed race children, is going to blame everything on White supremacists.
The rallying jews want Black leaders in America to speak out against the “anti-semitism” in their community.
Mort Klein, director of Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) called on African American leaders to speak out against the brutal attacks on Jews in Brooklyn perpetrated by African American thugs, saying, “Not only do black lives matter, but Jewish lives matter.”
I honestly do not know if these attacks are really the result of any anti-jewish sentiment amongst the Blacks who live next to jews in NYC, or whether these crimes are simply due to jews “looking White” and having valuables worth robbing. Many jews have spoken endlessly about their “White privilege” while also excusing and glorifying violence against Whites. They have been cooking up a recipe for disaster; now the cooks are kvetching.

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