Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Jewess Chelsea Handler Made a Documentary About Her ‘White Privilege’

Chelsea Handler got her start as a terrible stand-up comedian and eventually ended up being a talk show host. Her shtick is apparently being a kinky blonde who loves sex, especially with black men. I have honestly never watched anything from her until her recent documentary, Hello, Privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea. It’s absurd.
The most ridiculous part of this whole documentary is that Chelsea repeatedly talks about how she is jewish, yet still insists that she is benefiting from White privilege, by being given a leg up in Hollywood. The entire entertainment industry is run by jews, so a jewess comedian certainly does have some advantages trying to break into the biz, but it’s not because of her dyed blonde hair.
The documentary follows Chelsea around as she interviews angry black people, jews pretending to be White (like Tim Wise), and White people who just don’t understand why they are so privileged. Some of the people interviewed do seem to recognize that Handler is likely not really interested in a meaningful dialogue, but rather just capitalizing off of the “woke” trend. Will Handler be sending her profits from the Netflix documentary off to some inner city youth? Doubtful.
The entire documentary is filled with false assumptions, flawed logic, misdirection and skewed history. Of course we should expect nothing less from a subversive jewess, acting as a mind control “handler” for the “goyim” slaves. Perhaps if Handler had interviewed someone like Louis Farrakhan, we could have heard at least some truth about how jews organized and profited from the trans-Atlantic slave trade, and continue to lord over us all, being disproportionately represented in all positions of power. If she had interviewed me, people would have also gotten to know about the White slaves who have existed throughout history, including in the US.
A few women interviewed in the documentary do bring up how other races (“people of color”) do have their own privilege in the US, which includes college admissions and diversity quotas. Handler quickly dismisses these privileges bestowed upon anyone who is not White (at the cost of White people) by saying that this is needed to right the wrongs of historic oppression. People need to understand that this entire system is set up to punish White people, browbeat us into submission, and get us to destroy our racial heritage through race-mixing, homosexuality, and degenerate lifestyles.
Some of the “pro-White” opinions expressed in the documentary are from news clips, where right-wing jews pretend to be opposed to the anti-White agenda from leftist jews. It’s really infuriating to have the whole conversation about race relations being “handled” by jews. Some pretend to be White, like Handler and Wise, while others have pretended to be “colored,” like the jews who founded and ran the NAACP. In order to have any real, productive dialogue and understanding between the races, we need to exclude jews from the conversation.
While Whites are blamed for every conceivable evil, jews rule the roost and commit heinous crimes against us all with impunity.

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