Monday, September 16, 2019

Boy with Hitler Moustache Perform National Socialist Salute Outside Synagogue

An “atrocious" video of a boy performing a National Socialist salute outside a Scottish synagogue has been condemned by local Jewish supremacists, with police confirming a 16-year old has been charged in connection with the incident.
The video, which circulated on social media over the weekend, shows a teenager with a Hitler moustache drawn on his upper lip.
It then shows the boy making a NS salute in front of Giffnock and Newlands synagogue, the largest Jewish congregation in Scotland, which is outside Glasgow.
The video, which is believed to have been created via the TikTok social media video app, was reportedly shared around students at the end of last week.
A spokesperson for Police Scotland said: "A 16-year-old-boy has been charged and is the subject of a report to the Procurator Fiscal and the Scottish Children's Reporters Administration in connection with the incident."
Paul Edlin, president of the Glasgow Jewish Representative Council, called the video "atrocious and deplorable" and the incident as "a crime - I am calling it a crime because I believe it’s a crime".
He also said East Renfrewshire Council had been "conferring extensively within the community – in both local and national terms – about how this should be handled. We will also be involving the CST [Community Security Trust] as well."
A council spokesperson said: "We take a zero tolerance approach to the misuse of social media, particularly when it is offensive to others. We promote an ethos of equity and equality and foster good relationships in all our schools and this matter will be dealt with in line with those policies."
The local MP Paul Masterton described the incident as "disgusting behaviour from a young adult who should know better".

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