Monday, August 12, 2019

Swedish Police Urge Women Not to Go Out Alone after 4 Rapes in 4 Days in Uppsala

Swedish women need to think about their “behavior” when they leave the house in the city of Uppsala. Otherwise, they might be raped. That message is stated by the police in the newspaper Expressen.
During the night between Tuesday and Wednesday there was another attempted rape in Uppsala. It was the fourth assault in four days.
The police were alerted by several people who heard a woman scream for help.
They don’t believe that a serial rapist is operating, and therefore investigate the incidents as separate.
No descriptions of the suspected perpetrators have been published.
The police warn women, and say that they must think about how they can change their behavior.
Which means that Swedes now have to change their behavior because of the unsafe situation in the country.
Women in Uppsala should not worry but be cautious with how they behave. Perpetrators seek out lonely men and women, so it’s important how one acts when outside, according to the police.
They advise women not to go out alone, to always be around others and to stick to well-lit streets. Ideally, they should not walk through the city at all in the evening and at night. If they must go out, they should travel by car.
When Expressen asks if it really is on the women to change their behavior, the police reply that they cannot be in all places at the same time, and that men can use the tips as well to reduce the risk of being subjected to street robbery.

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