Friday, August 23, 2019

Proper Aryan Behavior Toward Non-Aryans

By Jost Turner
The alien-controlled media continuously labels racially aware Whites as “White Supremacists” – whether or not the Whites in question show any signs of supremacy whatsoever. We understand that the label of White Supremacist is intended only as some sort of political or religious slur, it nevertheless points out a truth which is the basis for all the hatred and violence which is directed toward our race. We realize that the White race is certainly the most highly evolved race on this planet. This is clearly demonstrated by our singular role in the creation of advanced technology, stable and sanitary civilization, and the very consciousness of “human rights” -something conspicuously absent from the indigenous societies of the non-White races. As would be expected, the lower races (including the one which controls the media) harbor a great deal jealousy towards the accomplishments and temperament of our race, and this festers into the aforementioned slurs and violence which we encounter so often today.
It is, of course, considered to be merely human nature to counter hostility with equal or greater hostility. Thus, we see more and more members of our race, especially our youth, committing various acts of violence on non-Whites, some deserving and some not. But while this aforementioned human nature is applicable to all the races, it is even more so to the lower races. In fact, it is easily observable that the lower the race, the more prone to hostility, violence, and vindictiveness. Hence, this particular human nature is something that a higher species of mankind would not exhibit.
Again and again we have pointed out that as the most highly evolved species of mankind, we Aryans have a duty to the lower races. We have the duty to lead them back to their proper, ecological position in the realm of Nature, where they too can reach their highest potential, and where they can begin evolving into a higher species of mankind. This leadership is not going to be accomplished with racial slurs, printed denigrations, fists, clubs or guns. It can be accomplished only by exhibiting the very nobility inherent in the name Aryan!
Far too many of those who call themselves Aryan exhibit the very speech, the very manners, and the very hostility and violence of the same lower races which they claim to abhor. Many of us have seen Swastika adorned White youth who, while claiming racial awareness, talked and acted as much like Negroes as Negroes themselves. In other cases, we have seen those who, while refraining from talking or gesturing like non-Whites, exhibit the same hostility and taste for violence associated with the lower races. This may indeed be merely human nature, but it is nevertheless very unAryan behavior!
We are the elite of Aryans. They are the nobility of the noble. As such, we must understand that the lower races are much like children; that is, they don’t really understand the ramifications of what they are doing, and they are only doing what we, the White race as a whole, have allowed them to do. How ridiculous it would be for an adult to assail children with slurs and denigrations of their developmental inabilities.
Even so would it be for an Aryan, the nobility of mankind, to lower himself by assailing less developed species with slurs and denigrations of their developmental inabilities! Certainly we have an obligation to be ready and willing to defend ourselves, our families, and our Folk, with the courage and strength inherent in our Aryan blood. As the nobility of mankind, we also have the obligation to have the courage and strength to stand up for the truth, and to support those who fight for the truth – whether they are Aryans or not. But we are under no similar obligation to ridicule, denigrate, bully, or show hostility to non-Whites. This behavior is common with the lower races, and as such it is definitely unAryan behavior. Similarly, we should never lower ourselves to the standards of non-Whites by ridiculing, denigrating, or showing hostility toward mixed-race couples, a dismally common sight these days. Here again, miscegenation exists only because we as a race have permitted it. It is not something that can be changed by slurs, written denigrations, laws, fists, clubs, or guns. It is something that can only be eliminated by Folk-consciousness, the lack of which is our own responsibility.
Racially mixed couples have a heavy enough price to pay. Nature exacts its own punishments; no other is needed. We will draw far, far more to our cause by attracting with the joyous magnetism of Folk-consciousness, rather than by trying to repel with simple-minded slurs and hostility!
It is important that we understand that an Aryan, should always treat non-Whites with respect, understanding, and compassion. Again, it is not their fault that they are here. They are doing only what we are allowing them to do. It is up to us to lead not only our own race out of this social mess, but the other races as well. We are the only ones that are highly developed enough to do so!
However, regardless of the nature of any of the lower races, we must never believe that we can learn nothing from them. Evolution is not stagnation! Evolution is change, continuous change for the best. Just as the lower races are incorporating our discoveries, attitudes, and ideals toward their own evolution, they may very well have something which we need for our higher evolution. Our race would have been in a real fix if we had refused to use gunpowder because it came from China and was thereby dubbed “unAryan”. But the same may well be said of certain attitudes, ideas, and even mental techniques. The lowest of races just might have something which could enhance our own evolution. A little observation clearly shows that even in the lowest race there are some who are more intelligent and capable than most of our race!
Although we are the most highly evolved of mankind, we must never look on the lower races with our noses stuck in the air (especially considering the mess into which we have allowed our race to get!), but rather with an eye toward mutual understanding and mutual benefit. Our ultimate goal is not one of dominion and subjugation, but one of leading all toward the highest of evolution, toward the Superhuman Species! We are the representatives of our race, our Folk. In all circumstances we should act like the higher species of mankind which we are. We must never allow ourselves to mimic the violence, intolerance, jealousy, and vindictiveness of the lower races. We must put all of our attention toward solving this desperate world crisis, rather than making it worse by joining the antics of the lower races!
Above: African volunteers with German soldiers.

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