Saturday, August 3, 2019

Neocon Jew Max Boot Says This Era is “A Sad Last Gasp of White Resistance”

Max Boot is a “conservative” commentator (aka subversive Neocon) who has written for The Weekly Standard, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Christian Science Monitor. He has also published a number of books, none of which I have the least bit of interest in mentioning, let alone reading. He is a jew who was born in Moscow to two jewish parents, so obviously he is the perfect person to tell Americans the direction our country should head.
Max Boot, along with fellow jewish Neocon Bill Kristol and other “Never Trumpers,” played a part in the ZOG and pony show by opposing Donald Trump for being a bigoted racist. Boot described himself as a “movement conservative,” but has since become a “man without a party” after Trump’s election in 2016. Of course all of Boot’s scorn is directed at Trump and his supporters, rather than the Neocon Israel-firster Sheldon Adelson, who funded Trump’s campaign and ensured that Trump kept all of his promises to Israel and none of the promises he made to White Americans.
What does he mean by “last gasp of White resistance”? After Trump, White people will just accept our fate and resign ourselves to the dustbin of history? The picture has been painted many times that Trump is a final attempt by Whites to regain control of our destiny, and that’s exactly why the Zionist stooge has been put in place; Trump is there to ensure our legitimate struggle for survival goes nowhere fast, and most White Americans are left too demoralized to resist afterward, having seen Trump as a last hope.
Boot seems absolutely giddy at the thought of White Americans being a minority in the future. However, White school children have already been a minority in American schools for years now, and many argue that if the census data was calculated correctly, White Americans overall will be a minority much sooner than Boot predicts, if we’re not there already.
Proud “liberal” Zionist Joe Biden and “conservative” Zionist Max Boot agree that White people being deliberately genocided is a source of our their strength.
Boot also went on the record last year saying that “hard-working Latin American” illegal immigrants ought to replace “contemptible Republican cowards” so as to “enhance America’s greatness.” The amount of public contempt that jews have for White Americans is really quite incredible. It’s across the board, on the left and the right.
Yet Republican shills keep trying to pretend like it’s just the Democrats who hate White people.
Hey, hey, ho, ho… anti-White jews have got to go!
I sure wish we could give these anti-White subversives all the “boot” over to Israel, where they can take in all the illegal invaders they would like, but obviously they would never do that, because they are genocidal hypocrites. Then we could let them try to protect themselves from all the people they have pissed off with their war crimes, without spending another American dollar or shedding another drop of American blood in the effort. Hell, I would even start a GoyFundMe campaign to send caravans of young men to stream across Israel’s borders as “refugees” in order to “enrich” the lives of the Israelis. Yes!
Seriously, how much longer are we going to tolerate with their racist rhetoric against our people?

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  1. These Khazarian Zionist Kosher pigs need to be exterminated. They are all Kabbalah-directed Luciferians who always need henchmen to do their dirty work, as that gives them someone else to blame for the horrors of their murderous history. Remember, the Bolsheviks WERE NOT RUSSIAN.
    They HATED RUSSIA, and Trotsky {real name Bronstein) Schiff, Yaguda et al using the term "Racist" as their mantra murdered 50-60 million White Russian Christians in Ukraine, and another 22 Milion during WWII. Crush the MSM, crush the pedophilia (which is the strongest hallmark of their degree of perversion and lust for power, along with child sacrifice and cannibalism) and the central bankers of the world,a long with their member banks,as they are the main vehicle through which slavery through indebtedness is inflicted on taxpayers worldwide. They fund both sides of every war and enjoy the blood sacrifice of the participants, most of whom are WHITE. The Rothschilds are the head of that banking KKKlan, proving tha Shylock lives. They and those to among us who are too stupid or so corrupted as to partake of these millennia-old barbarisms, which Christianity ended, along with the notion that the "State" (an abstraction like "corporation" is an abstraction) is responsible for our rights need to be impaled on the obelisks of history. This slug Boot along with Schiff, Brin, The Wojcicki sisters, Zucktard, Sheryl Sandberg, Larry Sommers, "Spyanne" Feinstein (D-Beijing) and all the other dually-citizneshipped Khongressional Khazarians need be purged from our midst, and outed for the murderous perverts their history proves they are. Destroy the MSM first and with that brainwashing megaphone removed, the banker-shylocks can follow. (NO accident that one of the ships owned by JP Morgan was found with over $2 Billion in coke on board in LA Harbor.) BUILD THAT WALL DEPORT THEM ALL AND DEATH TO TRAITORS. WTFU Even though Epstein is dead, his case has the potential to bring them all down; Soros, Clinton, Biden, the drunken mob-bitch Pelosi et al all get bullets.


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