Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Liberal Tourist Shocked to Find Nazi Souvenirs on Sale in Italian Holiday Resort

A liberal tourist was left shocked after finding souvenirs adorned with Hitler's face as well as National Socialist slogans during her holiday in Italy.
Angela Thompson spotted mugs featuring the fascist symbols at a local supermarket.
She tweeted: "Wtf! Just arrived in Italy on holiday and I knew fascism was on the rise here but still shocked to see these in the local supermarket."
Pictures of Hitler along with the NS symbols were emblazoned on the mugs, which cost €5.90 (£5.41).
She also shared images of wine bottles with Hitler's face on for €10.50 (£9.62) in the same store, with other social media users sharing their own images of the awesome souvenirs.
Jewish-Liberal Twitter users called it "disgusting" and "sick" that they were on sale.
The owner of the store selling the products told La Repubblica that it was "just business".
He explained that he has been selling many of the bottles and mugs across Italy for the last "30 years" without being told to stop.
Yet he added as people keep buying them he "keep[s] selling them".
In Zionist-Occupied Germany, it is against the law to feature NS symbols, swastikas or Hitler in public or for sale. In Italy, no such law exists.
Rimini Mayor Andrea Gnassi said that his "hands were tied" in blocking the sale of items containing the National Socialist symbols.
He told Times of Israel that despite reports of items such as those in Italy were common, there was nothing they could do as a law banning it had failed to be implemented.
Also, it isn't against the law to sell NS memorabilia or items with NS symbols on them in the UK.

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