Thursday, August 8, 2019

Classical Music for Studying & Brain Power

    You have probably heard that classical music is a great tool for enhancing brain function, and scientific research has proven this to be case.
    … studies have shown that after listening to classical music, adults can often do certain spatial tasks more quickly, such as putting together a jigsaw puzzle. The pathways in our brain that are used when listening to classical music are similar to the pathways we use for spatial reasoning; so when we listen to classical music, the spatial pathways are “turned on” and ready to be used. So, you may be asking yourself, will classical music make you inherently smarter? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. The positive effects of classical music only last a short period of time. It’s been proven time and time again that you get the most cognitive benefits from learning to play classical music; still, even listening to classical music can have some benefits on the brain. This is known as “The Mozart Effect” …
    listening to classical music enhanced activity of genes involved in dopamine secretion (the feel good hormone), transport synaptic function, and learning and memory.  But wait there’s more! Listening to classical music “down-regulated” genes that can be associated with neurodegenerative diseases, which goes to show that music helps keep the brain healthy. (Source)
    Here’s a quick infographic that highlights the benefits:
    And finally, here we have a collection of music to enhance your brain.

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