Thursday, August 29, 2019

Anime is Unhealthy – Here’s Why You Need to Stop Watching It

If there is one thing I have learned from browsing the internet, it’s that people love anime. Left, right, centrists, whatever, everyone loves it. Go on a YouTube comment section for literally any video and you will see dozens of users, all adorned with their favorite anime in their profile picture.
For anyone who is fortunate enough to not know what anime is, anime is basically Japanese cartoons that makes the most dorkiest of dorks cringe like never before. There are different genres of anime, but the ones I mostly see on peoples avatars are sexually explicit, degenerate and downright perverted. Some of them even depict children in a depraved, sexual manner. This is called “Loli”. Loli addicts will say “uh it’s just a drawing lmao” but in reality, it is normalizing pedophilia in a way that appeals to the fairly large anime fan-base. To sum it up, it’s a niche sub-culture that attracts hordes of degenerates and closet pedophiles.
What I found surprising however was the amount of “white nationalists” who watch this shit. In all honestly, most of the weebs I’ve seen are right wingers. Call me a petty cunt, but I can’t grasp how a supposedly masculine proud white man who rejects degeneracy can also sit and watch cartoon gooks fuck each other. Sure, not all of it’s sexual, but it’s a cartoon. You’re a fully grown man watching a cartoon.
Is that not embarrassing? Sure, maybe if you were just a normal a-political guy, I could tolerate that. I mean, it’s still embarrassing, but at least you’re not being a hypocrite. But for the alt-right dudes, you need to stop. It completely contradicts everything you stand for. I’m on your side here. I’m not trying to make you feel bad, I’m trying to help.
If you want to make the west great again, you first need to reject degeneracy, which means stop watching anime. You are a white nationalist. You want to be the best. But you can’t do that if your hooked on (Hentai Haven). It also lowers your self esteem and makes you look, act and sound like a loser. Same applies to normal pornography.
And, worse of all, it reflects badly on the rest of us. If people see some fat dork wanking to anime they will use that and say that we’re all fat dorks who wank to anime. You’re not only bringing your self down, but you’re bringing the movement down. In fact, degenerates have already brought the movement down, like the leader of the “Traditionalist Workers Party”, who was exposed in some messed up Jerry Springer shit.
We’re already mercilessly attacked with meaningless insults because a few guys in the movement couldn’t keep their dick in their pants for 5 minutes. So, I and everyone else would appreciate it if you got your act together and stopped watching anime.


For those who have or are trying to stop, I congratulate you. Overcoming shit like this isn’t easy. I had a crippling porn addiction, which made me feel like a pathetic low-confidence loser. But I overcame it, and I feel somewhat better. Whether I feel better or not, that doesn’t matter. I quit because it went against my beliefs. I quit for the movement.
Again, whilst not all anime is porn, it’s a cartoon at the end of the day. No one will take us serious if we watch nerdy Japanese cartoons. We’re all grown men; cartoons are below us. They are for children and simple minded buffoons. They are all manufactured pieces of film designed to fuck with your brain.
So if you took anything from that short insight, you should quit. Do it for us. Do it for the movement. Do it for yourself.

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