This Ride Of Fake Love

This Ride Of Fake Love

You said to hold on and take a ride
To set aside
The memories of all the times
When we collide
And I am left here to die
These are the words I meant
But never got the chance to say

You said to sit back and take our time
To lose our minds
And find out what it will be like to die
Now where is my spine
When it is time to give the obvious and simple reason
Why I won't love again

What will you see
When you look at me
Will you still take me for a fool

What makes you play this game of fake love
With the results always the same
And nothing but lonely feelings to gain

It tells me all is fine when it's not
I could have cried
From the bends and breaks of us
So I took this time
When my happiness was based on lies
It has become too hard to see lies from the truth