Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Study Confirms Transgender Hormone Treatments Lower IQ

A study monitoring the cognitive effects of sex hormones on an 11-year-old child showed significant decrease in IQ points after hormone disruptors were administered.
Published in the Frontiers in Human Neuroscience medical journal in November 2017, the study observed an 11-year-old boy, before and after hormone suppressors “to review the effects of puberty suppression on the brain white matter during adolescence.”
According to the results obtained through the cognitive evaluations, the patient presented a decrease in their overall intellectual performance after the onset of pubertal block, pointing to immaturity in her (his) cognitive development,” scientists reported.
After 28 months of hormone suppression, scientists noted the child’s brain white matter “remained unchanged, which may be related to reduced serum testosterone levels.”
In a subsequent discussion, researchers stated the subject’s global IQ (GIQ) “was further slightly reduced during the follow-up injection of hormone disruptor treatment.”
“In fact, the low average GIQ together with impairment in the perceptual organization of intelligence and processing speed index presented even before treatment suggest that any neurodevelopmental immaturity may have been potentiated by pubertal suppression,” the study concludes.
Some questions emerge from these findings, especially regarding the influence of sex steroids on cognition during puberty.  It is likely that the structural and micro-structural changes in the brain during adolescence, may interfere on the achievement of complete cognitive potential.”
There is already an avalanche of reasons why tinkering with a child’s hormones will lead to many seen and unforeseen issues down the road. The IQ aspect just confirms how easy they will be to control. It would not surprise me in the least if Elon Musk’s (Lone Scum) neural lace, which supposedly raises IQ will be marketed to gender dysphoric children as a “treatment.”


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