Friday, July 5, 2019

Nihility: The Answer

Nihility: The Answer

Nihility will be what frees us from all colors
To set us free from words
Words squeezed into nonexistence
We have experienced nothingness before
Minds, moments, and spark, all mean nothing
The weight of the world has broken my back
As emptiness becomes my existence
Can something that was nothing ever exist?
You willl never be able to destroy, only change
Hatred, fears, frustrations become my laughter
To exist in a temple of nothingness
We are the world, for eternity is still too short
Never, nothing, absent existence
For those who think self destruction is the way
Let their pains become their answer
For non-existence in nothingness becomes emptiness
To be a non-being in a religion of the black hole
We have found it already
Something that never was gives us the answer
What you hate is a part of you
Worlds without movement flows in substance
To be devoured by perfect non-existence
The perfect shape of nothingness to come

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