Monday, July 15, 2019

Never Again Action: Jews Are Protesting at ICE Detention Centers and Getting Arrested on Purpose

    There is a new subversive jewish group in the United States. They pop up almost overnight, like mushrooms after the rain. This one, like most of the other ones, is holocaust-themed, going by the name Never Again Action and using the hashtag #NeverAgainIsNow on social media to bring attention to their hypocritical crusade. This group of jews is claiming that ICE detention centers are akin to concentration camps and that illegal immigrants getting detained is like another shoah.
    From JTA:
    When the group uses the phrases “Never again” and describes the detention centers as “concentration camps,” it’s intentionally alluding to the Holocaust. The protesters believe that what’s happening at ICE facilities is an atrocity, and that the Jews’ history of persecution, especially at the hands of the Nazis, compels them to act on behalf of other persecuted groups.
    Their handbook, which was recently released, instructs jewish activists to chant in yiddish and sing hebrew prayers while protesting at ICE detention facilities. It also says that if jews are going to get arrested while protesting, to not be nice about it.
    “Defiant, angry, urgent, Jewish,” reads the #NeverAgainIsNow Action Toolkit, a six-page Google Doc meant for Jews planning to protest at Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention centers. “The goal is to actually make it impossible for ICE and/or the Democratic Establishment to do business as usual. Find the chokepoint and shut it down — we are not f**king around here.”
    In their first action, 36 jews were arrested at a New Jersey detention facility and then two days later, 18 more were arrested in Boston and DC. More actions have taken place since.
    Amy Fischer, 33, told reporters:
    What is happening at the border is an abomination, but I also know that there are children in my own city, in my own community, that have gone to bed over the last three weeks without their parents. I was trying to make a loud statement that what was happening was unacceptable and until these camps are shut down we will continue organizing.”
    While Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is only part jewish, was criticized for trivializing the holocaust by comparing ICE treatment of illegal aliens to the sacred shoah, jewish groups have not been nearly as critical of Never Again Action. HIAS, a jewish organization with the goal of flooding with invaders, thinks that the comparison is inappropriate, but that the jewish activists are still doing the right thing.
    Mark Hetfield, CEO of HIAS, said:
    I think their actions are terrific. I totally support the protests themselves. This is something we need to be protesting. These are basically atrocities that the United States is committing along the southern border. I applaud their tactic of civil disobedience as well.”
    In addition to Never Again Action and HIAS, jewish groups like Boston’s Jewish Community Relations Council, Jews for Racial and Economic Justice and IfNotNow are all working together to subvert the laws of the United States.
    Of course none of these jews seem to care one bit about the atrocities being committed against indigenous Palestinians in their own homeland, where they are being kept in open air concentration camps and routinely bombed. When unarmed, peaceful Palestinians approach the border with Israel, the IDF opens fire on the men, women, and children. Thousands of children are being imprisoned in Israel in terrible conditions, without trial, after being accused of throwing rocks at invading IDF soldiers.
    jewish outrage is selective. These jewish activists only care about detained children, illegal immigrants and “refugees” when they are coming into White countries, but believe Israel must be maintained as a jewish ethnostate, which means that the jewish border must be closed and guarded. This is hebrew hypocricy.

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