Saturday, July 20, 2019

Learning To Fail

Learning To Fail

Today was the day
The worst day of my life
You're content to hurt me
For reasons I know not why

The cost of living in misery
Is set at an all time high
I try and stay ahead and
Live close to the surface at night

I'm learning to fail
I can hardly breath
When I'm going to die
There is no need to worry about me
Try and die at home

You say you can't see me
I don't want to know what you know

It should have been me

Can you be with me
Or was that another one of your lies?
He doesn't love you like I do
And you will never know why

You can change your clothes and hair
But I will never change my mind
I know I am uninvited
So now I can die at peace

The words scream in my head
Why did you have to leave?
These dreams won't stop

As I watch you and him
Wondering what could have been
It should have been us

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