Jewish Groups and Synagogues Prepare to Shelter Immigrants During ICE Raids

A number of Jewish groups and synagogues in and around New York City are offering protection to immigrants at risk of being deported in raids from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement that Donald Trump announced would be starting this week.

As Haaretz reported, New York’s Jewish community has mobilized to protect undocumented immigrants during the planned raids, which are targeting close to 2,000 people in several major American cities. The coalition has joined in with other houses of worship across the New York area to offer safe haven for undocumented immigrants and are part of a nationwide movement of Jewish groups speaking out against the treatment of immigrants.

A statement from the group T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights, released a statement calling the raids “cruel, immoral, and inhumane” and said that they would welcome any undocumented immigrants in need of protection.

“They will tear apart families and communities, and heighten the climate of fear felt by targeted populations,” the statement read. “The United States should be a welcoming country for those escaping dangerous situations in other countries or who have spent years here building new lives. The raids serve no purpose other than to jail more immigrants and rile up President Donald Trump’s base.”

Across the United States, Jewish activists have risen up in protest of the Trump administration’s treatment of immigrants. In Chicago, hundreds of Jewish activists surrounded an ICE office and demanded the closure of detention camps, which many have compared to concentration camps. As Common Dreams noted, the protest was part of a nationwide campaign from Jewish advocacy groups to call for an end to immigrant detention centers.


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