Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Hate Scars

Hate Scars

I have scared my brain with these memories
The taste of yesterday's air
Breath of false freedom
Turned to breath of hate
The distance between names and faces
Become the touch of naive ways 
The spell of culture
A man born to settle will be a soul born to stray
It has become the source of my being
The core of path
Now I am raising an army stronger than death
Waiting has become an art
Of the humble voter
The time leaks as days become dissolving dates
The sacredness of the hours
Have become the sacredness of the stage
The evil existence of life
Shall be the cure that revives my life
I have morphed into a shaman to perform the rites of passage
Train my gaze on the screaming faces
The voices of my tribesmen
Violent prayers that will never fade away
The common rhythm pulses within my veins!
It has become the source of my being, my existence
As I am digging my hate scars
Kill after kill
Against all existence, I follow my hate!
I'm digging my hate scars even after my grave
For wherever I fall, I will die a fulfilled man!
I'm digging my hate scar
Kill after kill
Against all existence, I follow my fate!

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