Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Goyim, It’s Your Fault That Jeffrey Epstein Pimped Out Your Children

It was only a matter of time before Jews started making excuses for the horrific behavior of one of their own, Jeffrey Epstein. In an opinion piece on the Ttsionizm website by a Canada-based Zionist Jew, Baruch Pietner, that is exactly the case. The title of the piece is “Is Jeffrey Epstein A Criminal Or Simply A Lagging Indicator Of Societal Change That Is Already Upon Us”.
We know that Mr. Epstein broke the law, but he didn’t do anything worse than the people who parade their own kids in drag or foist on them sex change operations.
First he talks about the U.S. legislative process of checks and balances and how this process and the laws created act as a kind of drag on societal changes in his words “…weeding momentary and fleeting fads from more fundamental and substantive changes.” As to this legislative drag on societal changes he says “the legislative machinery cannot and should not resist for too long changes that take real hold in society. Slavery, segregation, criminalization of adultery, were all law at one time and now they are not. Modes of human behavior that for centuries were thought to be self-evident and sacrosanct in their righteousness became odious and illegal over relatively short periods of time and those that were thought to have been far beyond the pale had become the accepted norm.”
He then points out that the legislative branch, in many cases, has turned over its responsibility to the judicial branch of government, allowing politically appointed, activist judges to bring into law policies created by the non-elected federal bureaucracy through judicial interpretation; in effect, bypassing the original intent of the Constitution. In his opinion this is one way the changes society wants can be and have been satisfied.
The author believes the behavior of Jeffrey Epstein is an example of something American society, and the societies of other Western countries, actually desires. “In America as in other Western countries, there has been a complete letting go of sexual morals. First through no-fault divorce all negative consequences of adultery were removed. Cheap and ubiquitous birth control and on-demand abortion removed the price tag on sexual promiscuity. Next came the mainstreaming of homosexuality and transgenderism and now that last bastion of sexual morality,…
the status of children as essentially innocent, asexual beings who deserve protection from the onslaught of commercialized out of control sexuality has also fallen. Children today are intentionally exposed to sexuality and specifically to its most abhorrent and depraved forms starting in kindergarten and throughout the entirety of their education. Innocence is no more, even for those of our species who have just learned to walk.
Next he points out that, for monetary reasons, it is already the norm in Western societies that children are pimped out and prostituted by their parents or guardians. He sites examples of drag kids being paraded around on public media and at public venues and pre-teen and teen girls being normalized to prostitute themselves via teen-based magazines.
Our society today openly condones and in fact encourages the sexual trafficking of minors for profit or to enable virtue signaling by their “woke” parents. There is simply no way that what is widely accepted in society as avanguard, progressive, and overwhelmingly positive will be prohibited by law for much longer.
Like a typical Jew he believes it is all about the money, and perhaps it is when the legal profession is infested with Jews. As example he points out that prosecutors in Epstein’s original case were more interested in him copping a plea to turn over some criminal banker Bear Stearns executives than prosecuting him for his sexual crimes against minors.
They must know their public that is to say us, well, these career prosecutors. They know which side of their daily bread is buttered and it ain’t the side of the children. Nobody cares if child traffickers are punished anymore, but snagging some mid-level investment bankers, well, that’s what I’m talking about here.
In closing he first defends both Judeo-Christianity and Judaism, both proven to be infested with pedophiles, by comparing the religions to police departments and then defends Jeffrey Epstein’s behavior specifically by the excuse that Epstein was really only doing what society wants.
We do not disband police departments because a few of their members are corrupt and we certainly don’t give up on the idea of law enforcement in its entirety. And yet, this is precisely what we have done with our sexual morals. To hell with it we said, who needs them anyway. Well, then, don’t blame Mr. Epstein for playing by the new rules, he is only holding a mirror to our own smug, ugly faces.
The only smug, ugly faces I see here are the leering, big-nosed faces of disgusting Jews once again placing the blame for Western (translated White) societal breakdown they have caused onto the victims. Let’s once again point out that they have control of the legislative, executive and judicial branches. They control the movie industry, the music industry, the print industry and the various human vices industries. They control the money and infest the religious sects. But, oh no Goyim, it’s your fault that Jeffrey Epstein pimped out your children.

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