Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Antisemitic Mantras

Antisemitic Mantras

These centuries have led to Jewish wars
They were armed with menorahs and crucifixes
Hearts hardened by their dogmas
And murdering every goyim that they saw
The Jewish faith is a weapon to kill not to protect
Try and faith any Abrahamic faith not raised in ruins
Try and find the Jewish god without hands soaked in innocent blood
Then you can be one of our assassins
The eternal struggle results in an exchange of souls
Billions of souls with no real freedom
Their gods are a ware with no businessmen
Our innocence take by familiar Jewish faces
As we tried to strike a bargain
Salvation for sale
Now our starvation is up for sale
What kind of unique offers can Jews give?
Like the fairy tales of the holocaust
We must heed the calls for their destruction
Our prayers are muffled by our screams
The Jewish devils will drink our blood
Every life demands a sacrifice
And every sacrifice needs a purpose
This is the antisemitic mantra
The universal Jewish rites
We are divided by symbols
Ruled by these Jewish laws
We cut our throats for Jewish power
The rebellions are now choked on our own blood
Kike temples carved in blue stones
Kike alters loot our gold
Jews sanctify their blood through ritual slaughter
Our absolution shall be their doom
Our saviors were impaled on Jewish stones
The Jewish reapers are dancing around our children
Let our vicious violence circle and roll on
The vultures are fed by our innocent breaths
One day, all our nations will share in the breaths of our ancestors
Jews have burned down many civilizations through goyim blood on this earth
Jewish gods were raised from the ashes of our names
I saw devouring hate driven by fear of otherness, otherness, otherness
Soon the hate driven from Jewish fear will lead to the nothingness of kikes

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