Sunday, July 7, 2019

A Story To Tell of Greed

Before I officially start to write this article, I would like to ask for forgiveness from my followers as this is the first time that I will be writing a personal narrative. On my old site, I would write at least one of those each day; of course, it was a lot of work but back then I have almost 10,000 followers on my old site before it was shut down by the powers that be. Today I will be writing a story to tell of the unfortunate flaws of being a human being and that is the greed that it within the hearts of others. It has resulted in the end of a friendship that lasted almost 2 decades but I have learned that it is best to cut people off than to allow them to continue to be a cancer in my life. For the sake of privacy and the respect of decency, I will withhold the name of the individual that I am writing this article about but those close to me will know her know relatively quickly as the story progresses.

For the sake of a cleaner writing format I will refer to this person as Jocelyn moving forward in our story. Jocelyn and I met while we were in middle school back in 2001 and at first, I didn’t think much of her until we met again in high school back in 2003. At first, I was intrigued by her carefree nature and her propensity to never apologize for her personality and I valued that individuality. As time went by, we had to part ways as I often had to move around as a teenager due to my parents always fighting. She and I ended up graduating from different school districts and went to different colleges. I ended up graduating and pursuing my career of choice, but she didn’t and ended up going to the military where she was dishonorably discharged and still hasn’t acquired her bachelor’s degree. We reconnected back in 2014 through our LinkedIn pages and she was living in another state at the time. Eventually she moved back to Houston and languished through several bad relationships. Around 2018, I was living in my apartment and was looking to move to either a house or at least to a different part of the city. She approached me with a deal that I move into the house that her mother owned, and I would pay her 900 dollars a month for the place. I was excited for the chance to live in a house all by myself; the house had 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms but the place needed some serious work and they really didn’t complete the job because Jocelyn didn’t want to live in the place and wanted to move to another part of town. Also, I was perplexed as to why her mother didn’t just put the house in her name but as I would stay there, it became very apparent why that was not to happen. The details of renting the house was that I was to take care of the place, which meant that I was to keep it clean and tidy and do yard work and fix any issues that happened with the house. So, I thought that it was fine to pay 900 bucks for a place to stay but to also pay to upkeep it also made my finances suffer despite getting a pay raise at work. Till this day, before I receive my paycheck I literally have less than 10 bucks in my checking account.

It all reached a boiling point when I saw the blowup between her mother and her on Facebook over her dog. I am sure that when Jocelyn got evicted from her old apartment, her mom said that she could live with her but that her dog would have to be house trained and stay in the backyard. Unfortunately, the dog got inside and caused house damage, so she was asked to put the dog elsewhere. Jocelyn came to me asking to put the dog in the backyard, but I refused since I don’t do pets due to a busy and hectic life schedule. She then asked to move back in, and I refused since I also don’t do roommates. By that time, I was getting annoyed by living there, basically paying money to someone who doesn’t even own the fucking property and who literally comes into the house at almost all hours of the day invading my privacy. I was supposed to buy the house but due to my precarious credit situation I knew that I would need at least 2 years to close the deal. All of this was making her mother upset because she wanted me to simply buy the house so she didn’t have to pay the property tax on both houses she owned but I reiterated to her that I was paying money to Jocelyn for rent and that she should use that money to pay the property tax on the house. Of course, Jocelyn was objecting to giving her mom half the rent money and wanted me to pay 50 dollars extra each month. I refused so she agreed to sell me pot in exchange for the 50 bucks and I foolishly agreed. Now I am set to move out in the next few days and I am quite thankful that at least I will be able to get a strict budget and stop wasting money on a house that I don’t even own. I know that the mom will have to take way less when she sells the house as it probably isn’t worth the 140,000 dollars that they wanted, and they will probably get close to 80,000 dollars instead.

In the end, I have decided to cut off Jocelyn from my life due to the added stress and drama that came with her as my landlord and I do not believe she is even a decent friend. For what friend would charge someone a late fee, over value the property and make them pay an addition 200 extra for the sake of not having to work. In addition to getting rid of her, I had to deal with cops trying to come and search the house due to calls from the humane society about her abusing her dog. Even having to deal with her burying her fucking dead dog that she didn’t take care of in the backyard and dealing with gnats and that horrible, decomposing odor. I will be able to save a lot of money and now that my credit will be fixing within 30 days, I will be able to buy a house of my own in less than 6 months and begin moving forward with other goals.

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