Saturday, June 15, 2019

White Idiot Shills with Red Pills: The Same Old Semitic Subversion Strategy

One of the monumental problems that any serious pro-White activist must confront is the thorough infestation of jews and their puppets in every institution of power in our societies. The control of these institutions allows our rabidly anti-White jewish enemies to use state, economic, and social power in both overt and subtle ways to marginalize and impoverish White people. Through this institutional control, the kosher claw chokes off any voices asking for the protection and preservation of White homelands by ostracizing us from mainstream discourse, and making it nearly impossible to exercise meaningful freedom of association. Merely mentioning the jews in less than reverential, obsequious tones, will land you on the watch-list of the modern incarnation of the Stasi – the “human resources” automatons who unaccountably enforce corporate policy (which, with suspicious uniformity, support every supposed “right” to openly promote the most nauseating deviancy, while trampling the expression of political opinions or any pro-White sentiment). Openly criticizing the jews, no matter how blatantly obnoxious or hypocritical or criminal their actions, quickly results in economic exile and being branded as an “unemployable.”
In order to participate in education at any level from primary school to the university, one must first affix a kosher muzzle to one’s face and kosher blinders to one’s eyes. If one is to partake in what little real academic training remains at our so-called schools, the jews force upon us at least a tacit acceptance of degeneracy, of the aggrandizement of alien races (including the near-deification of jews), and of the eradication of Whites. How fast will you be expelled for speaking out against race-mixing, sodomy, black and Mestizo savagery, or jewish frauds and corruptions – no matter how obvious or how well supported by empirical evidence?
The jewish-controlled media ensures that a constant stream of pernicious miscegenation propaganda is included with the prurient bilge belching forth from every channel on the talmudvision. The unwary and the lazy are thus manipulated by kosher connivance into being inured to violence and perversion – accepting vileness as normal – while unwittingly having their minds enstupidated with a blend of arrogance and ignorance that all but guarantees the state of unresisting, idiotic servitude that the jews and their abhorrent talmud have long sought.
Jewish institutional infiltration is a problem that every pro-White advocate must keep in mind at all times, but it is the jewish subversion of pro-White groups that is perhaps the most vexing problem we face in our struggle to reclaim our homelands. Unabashed jews and Whites mongrelizing their genetic inheritance with jews seem to spring up like toxic toadstools upon the most cursory mention of blood and soil – ready to offer their shrill, disingenuous voices or a quick buck if only we overlook the fact that their very presence in a pro-White organization is antithetical to its very existence and makes it a farce. When the jewish agents, sodomites, and Christ-cucks pretending to be “white jews” are considered along with the outright jews, the apparent numerousness of subversive and degenerate elements is daunting.
In reality these shills, sellouts, race traitors, and hate-filled jewish enemies of the White race are nothing more than a thin veneer, disguising the fact that the foundation of their power is rotten, hollowed out, and on the verge of collapse. As formerly safe and prosperous White homelands come to resemble the Weimar Republic with the addition of colonies of sullen, hostile brown aliens, there will be less willingness to mindlessly swallow poisonous jewish lies about celebrating degeneracy. The true desperation and poverty of our predicament – inflicted on us by jewish malice –  will become increasingly apparent, and people rudely awoken from their comfortable, kosher fiat fantasy existence will demand to know why things have gone so wrong. We must also realize that these are not new problems, and they have been successfully overcome before. Our present task is to expose the forces trying to subvert pro-White movements and corrupt pro-White ideas; and to expose jewish power and perfidy. This can only be done with patience and with steady, unceasing efforts to convince those who will listen to at least consider the jewish problem as a problem. We must realize that, on a societal level, we are not ready to even build the foundations of a pro-White movement – we must first prepare the ground itself upon which that foundation can be built. We must work to remove taboos preventing the critical discussion of jews and their anti-White animus in our communities, small as they may seem at present, and slowly expand from there. We must expose and stop the jewish-orchestrated White genocide.
The following was written by Reinhard Heydrich in his essay The Changes of Our Struggle about jewish subversion of political and cultural institutions.  As the chief of the Reich Main Security Office and as the Reich-Protector of Bohemia and Moravia, Heydrich had deep practical experience combating jewish efforts to infiltrate and corrupt institutions that were supposed to serve White interests. Heydrich’s writing makes it clear that the strategies of our racial enemy have not changed, except they are perhaps more emboldened in our time:
The opponent’s driving forces remain eternally the same: World Jewry, World Freemasonry and a largely political clerical officialdom that misuses religion. In their widely dispersed branches and forms they persist in their goal of [the] destruction of our folk with its blood, spirt and soil-bound strengths…
We must learn to recognize the opponent from the history of the last millennia. We will then suddenly see that we today, for the first time, seize the opponents at the roots of his power. Is it any wonder that he resists so bitterly? That he tries to use all the tricks from his centuries of combat experience? 
We must realize that these opponents cannot be eliminated solely by the external takeover of the state apparatus, for they sit with their cross-connections in all branches of our folk life and the state structure. We must calmly ascertain that up to the last years the opponent was well on his way to systematically undermine German man in character and spirit, to poison him and to leave him only his Nordic face…
In order to be able to overcome him, one must learn to recognize his changing appearances and his means of struggle. We must not allow ourselves to be deceived about his precise evaluation by the numerousness of the apparently feuding groups with their divergent programs. All of them are only clever subordinate or parallel branches of the great opponents. They are intended to serve as advance posts or as collection organizations… These opponents sometimes wage their struggle in visible, tangible form and other times in camouflaged and not directly visible form.
The Jew was always the mortal enemy of all Nordic-led and racially healthy folks. His goal was and remains the world rule by a more or less visible Jewish upper stratum. For the achievement of this goal every means and every organizational form is fine to him, even if they may look ever so dumb and ridiculous on the outside. The path always remains the same. 
Every folk that in times of political and racial weakness allows the immigration and above all the later racial mixing with Jews was systematically undermined. The undermining of the blood had next to the racial bastardization a slow blurring of the distinct race idea of the “host folk” as a result. A gradual penetration of all areas of folk life and a systematic spiritual poisoning thus became possible…
The Jews living inside Germany [and all White countries] fall into two groups, the Zionists and the assimilationists (who characteristically call themselves German-Jews). The Zionists do indeed take a strong racialist standpoint and strive, through emigration to Palestine, for the creation of their own Jewish state, but one must not let oneself be deceived about the fundamentally anti-folkish position of the Jews. The assimilationists deny their Jewish race by emphasizing their long stay and claiming to be either Germans or after baptism Christians. The assimilationists who above all use all kinds of declarations of loyalty as well as the pushiness characteristic of their race to try to ruin all National Socialist principles…
[The Jew’s] goal is to destroy the unity of the leadership in state and party in order to make the achievement of National Socialism’s worldview impossible. The folk is supposed to become reserved and unsure of the leadership; the leaders are supposed to become nervous and mutually distrustful. 
For this purpose there exists a net of cross-connections to almost all offices and state apparatus, of public life and of the movement. On the one hand, this channel system informs the opponent about the danger that awaits him. So he learns in time about all state measures, regulations, and laws. On the other hand, the same channel system also serves the task of preparing the countermeasures important to the opponent… 
The branching of [the Jewish] net is enormous… The layman can recognize the branching only through the effects: Here attempts were made to circumvent legislative measures. There it was attempted to cut off financing for a range of tasks vital to movement and state. In institutions of higher learning it is tried, through “purely scientific and objective” treatment, to bend National Socialist ideas in favor of liberalism. In archaeological research it is attempted to put one-sided, un-folkish elements in charge of excavations in order to still safely prop up the claim that our ancestors were “uncultured”… The regaining of key positions in state is sought, so that if a National Socialist law goes through, the execution can be sabotaged and back doors can be opened through compliance regulations.

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