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The World Jewish Congress Exposed

An impactful, introductory expose of the World Jewish Congress, which is one of the most subversive and heavily networked Jewish international subversive groups with numerous offshoots and collaborative Jewish organisations.
There are dozens of subversive Jewish International Organisations of which the WJC (World Jewish Congress) is just one of many. The WJC is highly significant, far more so than the ADL, although it is a junior organisation to the B’nai B’rith. All of these organisations work in conjunction with one another to various extents and with Israeli state intelligence. Article after article I will be exposing them all in turn, with additional follow up in-depth articles.
The subversive International network that is the World Jewish Congress displays a transparently subversive, hypocritical and corrosive attitude towards undermining the racial awareness and racial interests of us Europeans. In its own history the WJC admits in a typically deceptive manner that its purpose is to subvert others (including entire nations) for the interests of Jews and that their racial cohesion versus all others is at the core of their mission. They display on their website the slogan: “All Jews are responsible for one another”. No, this does not mean they will be responsible for the Kaganovich’s, Zinoviev’s (architects of the Holodomor and subsequent Soviet economic policies) and Genrikh Yagoda’s that Europeans have suffered under the genocidal malice of, or in any way engaging in any positive responsibility for their behaviour. This is undeniable, as the group was founded in 1936 and in fact suppresses the very mentioning of these (at the time contemporary and then later) Jewish genocidal monsters. It is clear the WJC formed in opposition to a successful expose of Jewish influence in continental Europe, as it was formed 1 year after the democratic victory of the German nation over Jewish leadership, which years later world Jewry would force other European nations into fratricidal war with.
The WJC admits quite openly that it is the de-facto propaganda front of International Jewish efforts.
For anyone (or a certain Jewish organisation’s legal team) doubting that public diplomacy equals propaganda, here is the Encyclopaedia Britannica definition:
The WJC also reveals itself as one of the primary perpetrators of the ‘debt collection’ of non-Jews to Jews under various facades, including but not limited to the proven as false (via lacking any empirical evidence and in fact conflicting with actual evidence such as allied aerial photographs and the Leuchter report) notion of the ‘holocaust’.
The WJC also boasts about its “privileged relations” with the leadership of Christianity and various Islamic groups. This reinforces both the reality that Christianity is allied with Jewish subversion and that the Islamisation of Europe is also seen as good for Jews and that they are not allies in their opposition to Islamic ideology or migration. Meanwhile Jewish subversive lecturers (primarily in the Judaized academia of America and increasingly worldwide) attack Europeans for our imaginary ‘privilege’ whilst these Jewish subversives literally boast about it on the WJC website, as if it is part of their CV, which of course, perceptive, racially-aware, Jewish-Subversion aware ‘goyim’ are not even supposed to be reading about… let alone writing about.
The WJC has been suspected as having been involved with numerous decisions of racial suppression. Some it has openly admitted, such as those waged against European governments, such as the reparations demanded from Germany on the basis of empirically non-evidenced claims, the banning of various symbols, flags, groups and entire statements and public displays of knowing the truth about Jewish subversion.
The WJC meets every 4 years for its ‘WJC Plenary Assembly’ which is composed of leading Jewish Subversives from all over the planet. They gather and decide what to focus on suppressing or targeting. The WJC engaging in this critically proves the otherwise perceived of ‘conspiracy’ notion of Jewish Subversives organising on an international level, in fact on a worldwide level. They have been doing such since Roman times; the WJC is merely one of the current leading organisations alongside the much older B’nai B’rith.
Recently a long pushed for objective of Jewish subversives came to fruition in Sweden: the proposal to ban all Northern Germanic / Nordic ancestral runic futharks and symbols under a transparently false justification.
There is a long established history of Jewish coercion against Sweden from Israel sending their migrants thereto the infamous Paidea of Barbara Spectre undermining Sweden’s racial self perception. The latest act of suppression of Northern Germanic racial culture fits a pattern waged by Jewish subversives and their allies, including Christian collaboration (indoctrinated Christians are ultimately victims of Jewish spiritual/ideological/cultural subversion and not the root cause but part of the problem).
Sweden has before ‘responded’ to ‘WJC concerns’, more specifically political requests from WJC CEO and Executive Vice President Robert Singer and the Prime Minister of Sweden had pledged action on behalf of the WJCs concerns to suppress political awareness of Jewish subversion within Sweden. This is on record and official. The WJC is a seriously subversive organisation. The WJC even ran an article implicitly boasting about how the PM of Sweden responds to them in a transparently submissive, slave like, apologetic manner as if they are somehow eternally indebted to them.
The WJC ought to be shutdown and its leaders brought to justice at a tribunal in the Hague for crimes against humanity for racial subversion on an international level. The WJC even has a semi militarised structure, which it admits co-operates with state and national entities. The WJC inevitably feeds information to and takes information from the Mossad for lobbying efforts against various strategic opponents including individual figures, groups and websites that oppose Jewish racial subversion. For this they have a ‘Combating Anti-Semitism Unit’.
This role seems to be what their entire organisation is about but they have a little proclaimed ‘unit’ which on its description page admits to spying on individuals and groups to achieve this: “The Unit’s mission is to monitor, research and implement activities to counter anti-Semitism”.
The WJC all but admits it engages in online subversion to disrupt opponents of Jewish racial subversion
The WJC even has its own version of the organisation style exposed in the Al-Jazeera’ ‘The Lobby’ documentary.
The WJCs attempts to present it’s ‘Jewish Diplomatic Corps’ as if it is from their perspective some kind of knockoff Jewish-Hollywood super-hero gang. In reality it is a selected group of vicious, motivated, subversive media manipulators and career distractionists and wannabe-experts in hasbara and deception. I say they are wannabe-experts as people still see through their pathetic, transparent lies, baseless moral claims and misinformation.
That video has a pathetic 742 views. This will be the biggest exposure that video has ever gotten, with exactly the audience type they do not intend it for. The above pathetic trailer is attempting to emulate a movie trailer super-hero gang and hollywood movie trailer style of false presentation. With one of the freaks in the video calling them the ‘JDs’. It is utterly hilarious. ‘JDs’ should stand for ‘Jewish Defilers’. These Jewish Defilement Agents think that we take them seriously in their propaganda efforts to depict themselves as the victims when even their own figures have admitted the Jewish role in mass murder. In the context of non-white immigration promotion efforts, Barbara Spectre has directly and unequivocally admitted the vile, disgusting, manipulative Jewish-Supremacist prime involvement in orchestrating replacement level migration and racial replacement efforts versus us Europeans. These Jewish Supremacists are being seen by more and more people for what they are, and this is what they fear – the truth, the truth about their malice and their hypocrisy despite all their best and worst propaganda efforts to defile the truth. This includes their use ofcontrolled opposition groups as listed here.
These Jewish Subversives think the rest of humanity will believe their lies when the opposite is true. As the rising awareness of Jewish Subversion on the internet and through physical meeting groups (like mine) demonstrate, humanity will not be suppressed nor defiled by Jewish Subversives no matter how much funding (wealth ultimately stolen from us) they put into various programs; the truth will out-live the lies and Jewish international subversive efforts will be exposed, condemned and true justice shall be served against their putrid, hypocritical, public relations masked genocidal malice against us.
It cannot be denied that the WJC through its own words admits everything that we allege of Jewish Subversive organisations and their hypocrisy. The WJC even admits it seeks to increase “solidarity among Jewish communities” and to “secure the rights, status and interests of Jews” whilst Jewish subversives undermine the solidarity, interests, status and rights of every single specific European racial nation worldwide. The WJC then masks this transparent ethnic networking behind claims of doing such “in the spirit of peace, freedom, equality and justice” which evidently they mean: in the spirit of undermining peace, freedom, equality and committing grave injustices against Europeans and all of humankind. We need to engage in political campaigns to counter these organisations like the WJC.
Afterword: I am working to expand an already developed English counter-organisation, in England and the UK. We all know the truth, but what needs to happen versus organisations like the WJC is professional, secure, purposeful and positive networks of our own (with secure, international networking) to fight them on the level they are fighting us: nationally and internationally.
In addition to this introductory expose of the WJC I will be writing in-depth articles on the subversion emanating from all of the specific, named, known Jewish Subversive organisations from the ADL to the B’nai B’rith and in-depth articles linking them. This is part 1 of this series of articles I am writing here at the Renegade Tribune.

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