Monday, June 17, 2019



I didn't mean to dwell
But I must help myself
When will we see the lies
And taste the false memories
About a time in life
The years always stand still
When we close our eyes
And sink within ourselves
To receive the lies of their precious memories
The need of their so called innocence
When did the lies begin?
The changes that came were too undetectable
Our open wounds exposed the importance
Our innocence
A lie that can never be bought nor sold
The symbolocaust, so vivid
Still at the same time
Were never visible
Jews savor what they see and feel
The lies that seem important now
But they will not be, tomorrow!
Can you remember when
Facts seemed to eternal
Our heroes so were real
Their energies frozen in time
The only way for us to learn
Is to be aware of Jewish lies and hold on tight!

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