Tuesday, June 18, 2019

South Africa: Mongrels Preferred White-Run Apartheid Government

There is no question that South Africa was a far better place when it was run by Whites. The so-called apartheid-era government maintained a functioning system that was much fairer to all peoples. Mixed-race mongrels known as “coloureds” in South Africa, even admit this.
The sense of injustice has persisted to the point that several community members lament the fall of apartheid under which “Coloured” people had neither the freedom to move around nor vote.
“The blacks have all the opportunities,” complained pastor’s wife Janice Jacobs, 49.
“We were much more comfortable during the apartheid. They would provide us a school pack with all the stationery. We had nurses in the schools. There was order and discipline. If you set a place alight, you would end up in jail.
“The apartheid government used to look after education, health, housing. (This) government does not look after us. I prefer apartheid.”
Imagine that, these people are saying that they were better off under the apartheid government run by Whites than a government run by a bunch of Communist jungle savages.
The only reason these savages took over the country was because Jewish Communists like Joe Slovo and others used their resources to agitate the blacks against the Whites. That’s what led to the rise of the Communist nigger terrorist Nelson Mandela and the fraud of the “rainbow nation” concept. No group of people is better off under this system.
South Africa should go back to the way things were during apartheid. Go ahead and try to change my mind. And try to change the mind of this “coloured” person in this article.

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