Saturday, June 15, 2019

San Francisco Police Officers Sue City for Anti-White Discrimination

Affirmative action is an anti-White scheme in which White people are punished for the “original sin” of being born White. Our enemies argue that such policies are just giving “minorities” (aka global majorities) a leg up, which they so desperately need due to the legacy of White racism and systemic oppression. However, all such talk is just intended to cover up the truth of the matter, which is that White people are being racially discriminated against as part of a state-sanctioned White genocide campaign, even as White school children are now a minority in America.
If White people are passed over for university admission, job placement, and promotions, then they are much less likely to be influential members of society and earn enough money to support a large family, thereby creating the more “diverse” (less White) future our semitic overlords have been seeking. It’s all very simple and it is incredible that more people have not raised a fuss about this blatant GENOCIDAL RACISM that is ingrained into the fabric of our society today.
In one of the most anti-White, pro-degeneracy cities in the world, San Francisco,  police officers are seeking compensation for the anti-White racism they have experienced while trying to advance through the ranks.
Thirteen present and former San Francisco police officers sued the city in federal court Tuesday, claiming that they have been discriminated against in promotions because they are white.
Yup, this is happening everywhere.
Twelve plaintiffs are current officers who allege they were passed over for promotions to sergeant, lieutenant or captain because they are white males. The other plaintiff is a retired sergeant who contends she was passed over for promotion to lieutenant because she is a white lesbian.
Even if you are part of the rainbow brigade, you still must atone for your White privilege.
The lawsuit claims violations of federal and state anti-discrimination laws and constitutional rights. It asks for an injunction barring the alleged bias and for compensatory and punitive financial awards.
Imagine if all White people who have been screwed over by universities and employers could get reparations. It would be a massive sum.
The defendants include the city, the Police Department, the Police Commission, Mayor London Breed, former Mayor Mark Farrell, Police Chief Bill Scott and former Chief Greg Suhr.
If these police officers win their lawsuit (which they likely won’t, as it would set a precedent), the taxpayers of San Francisco would be the ones footing the bill.
The lawsuit alleges the city uses an “an obscure and biased promotional process” that makes it possible for officers who score lower on examinations to be promoted over higher-scoring candidates.
This is being reported as if it is some kind of new revelation, when this process of giving extra points to low-scoring non-Whites is the law of the land now, and is even being used to boost “minority” SAT scores.
The lawsuit alleges the city uses the process to promote a higher percentage of minority and female candidates than would be promoted in a strict rank-order system based on scores.
Screenshot of the Careers page from SFPD
The fact that SFPD is actively seeking to be “diverse” at the expense of White people is applauded in this San Francisco Chronicle article from 2016.
federal review of San Francisco’s police force lauded the department for its diversity, finding that it hires female and nonwhite officers more consistently than national averages […]  nearly 49 percent of officers are nonwhite, well above the U.S. average of 27 percent.
The article states that the real problem is that the SFPD is not doing more to get rid of Whitey, especially from the leadership levels:
White officers are somewhat overrepresented compared with their workforce presence in the ranks of sergeant, lieutenant, captain, and inspector,” the report said. “The lack of minority representation in the front-line supervisory ranks is concerning because these positions are the most community-facing, especially in San Francisco, where first-line supervisors and captains are responsible for developing and implementing community policing tactics in their districts.”
Isn’t it amazing how public safety is completely disregarded in order to meet diversity quotas? Hiring people for positions where lives are at stake – such as firefighters, lifeguards, air traffic controllers, pilots, police, etc. – should be based upon merit only, as hiring less qualified candidates could result in severe loss of life.
Furthering the anti-White agenda is obviously more important to the government than protecting the public.

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