Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Oregon Senate Passes Bill to Allow Blacks to Sue White People for Calling Cops on Them

Oregon state Rep. Janelle Bynum was questioned by police after someone called 911 on her as she was campaigning in her district, or so she says. This caused an uproar amongst blacktivists and other SJWs, causing the #CampaigningWhileBlack blacklash on social media.
Now the Oregon state senate has passed a bill that will increase the chances of blacks getting away with crimes, as White people will be too scared to call the police when they see suspicious behavior. Remember the old, “if you see something, say something”? Well, that no longer applies if you see something involving a poor, persecuted minority. If a “victim” is able to prove that 911 was called on them due to racism, the caller can be sued for up to $250.
On Monday, the Oregon state Senate passed House bill 3216, a measure introduced by the state’s three black Democratic legislators, including Bynum. The bill allows victims of these calls to sue a 911 caller for as much as $250 if the victim can prove that the 911 call was racially motivated and that the caller intended to discriminate or harm the reputation of the victim.
How does one even prove such a thing? “Well, your honor, the caller is White and I am black. Racism proved!”
The legislation was overwhelmingly supported by state lawmakers of both parties, but it was deeply personal for Bynum, the only black legislator in the Oregon House (the other two black legislators serve in the state Senate.)
”When someone gets the police called on them for just existing in public, it sends a message that you don’t belong here,” Bynum told the Associated Press on Monday. “This creates a legal pathway to justice.”
When Black people act suspiciously in White neighborhoods, the police might come to see what is going on. When White people act suspiciously in Black neighborhoods, the Whites might actually wish the police would be called, as they could end up dead.
The bill comes as legislators in several cities and states are debating how to best respond to unnecessary 911 calls on black residents after a number of high-profile “Living While Black” incidents have gone viral. “Living While Black” stories have dominated headlines for months. Legislators hope bills like Oregon’s can help put an end to them.
White people have NEVER been wrongfully imprisoned, shot, or otherwise hassled by police, right?
Perhaps if Black people want White people to stop calling the police on them, the Black community should better police themselves, especially their young males, who make up such a small percentage of the overall American population, but account for a vast amount of the violent crimes. Statistics are part of the White racist establishment, though.
…Still, the proposals have been criticized by some who are concerned that making it easier to fine and sue people for making racist 911 calls will frighten people from calling 911 when they really need help.
I am pretty sure most people would still call 911 if they are facing a home invasion or something of the sort, but what they really need for such scenarios is a firearm or two.
Oregon state Sen. Alan Olsen, a Republican, voted against the proposed 911 measure on Monday, saying that the bill would make “our communities less safe.” Other critics have argued that existing laws that punish people for filing false police reports make these new proposals about 911 calls redundant.
This is obviously a symbolic measure that is intended to shame the White population and protect Black criminality, and it’s only the tip of the iceberg as the anti-White establishment ramps up its genocidal agenda.
A real solution would be living separately from each other.

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