Tuesday, June 11, 2019

NYC: The Heart of Degeneracy & LGBTP Insanity

During some recent excursions to Manhattan, nearly everywhere I went images of the rainbow flag and pro LGBTP propaganda were running rampant.  With June officially being deemed “pride” month, the homoatrocity agenda is even more visible. Manhattan hosts the largest “pride” festival in the world, which includes 50 events and 3 million plus attendees. Since this year is the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, the event will bring even more attention than usual.
It seems that most establishments think nothing of selling out to promote this deathstyle, which on average robs a person of 20 years of their life. That’s pretty brave, right? From restaurants to clothing shops, the 6 stripe flag is inescapable. I even witnessed a child (with heterosexual parents) carrying a tranny flag bag after walking out of a store.
Below is a collection of photos that I mostly took while walking around the city, enjoying the things I like about Manhattan, such as the tasty food, thrift shopping, bookstore browsing and the farmer’s markets.

WorldPride YouTube Video

The top comment on the video reads: “In another 50 years, their disease will devour the planet.”

Keith Haring

A recent ad campaign from the clothing shop American Eagle.  The t-shirts in this collection feature the work of Keith Haring, a NYC artist who died of AIDS in 1990 at the age of 31. Haring’s work was considered to frequently evoke socio-political themes, including anti-Apartheid, AIDS awareness and the crack cocaine epidemic. Birth, death, war and sex, often involving penetration, also permeated his work.
As a youngster, I was a fan of the Keith Haring piece “Radiant Baby,” not knowing much about him besides the cartoonish Nature of his “art.”  This piece, which depicts an image of a crawling baby, also called the radiant child because of bold strokes that make the image appear to shine.  The image first appeared during his work as a subway artist, where he adopted it as his tag.  Haring called it “the purest and most positive experience of human existence.” The rays do for the child what they do for many of the subjects in religious art, they imply holiness. Haring said these “lines radiating from the baby indicate spiritual light glowing from within, as though the baby were a holy figure from a religious painting, only the glow is rendered in the visual vocabulary of a cartoon.

Radiant Baby, circa 1985
Any seasoned reader of the Tribune knows that most all religion (especially the Abrahamic trio) is misogynistic, homoerotic and pro child rape. I can’t help but wonder if there is more to this piece of “art” than is mentioned. Yes, babies do crawl but this all fours position could also subtly depict sodomy. What truly is the message here?


How about an organic beer with all proceeds going towards fighting White genocide? Why give even a penny towards the spread of infectious disease and child abuse?

The Lion Queen

Notice the double use of the word “pride.” Using pride in its newer LGBTP definition and the Natural definition of a lion pride.
The Lion King is a disgusting, psychopathic film that is completely inappropriate for little ones. Scar’s aggression towards his brother Mufasa goes far deeper than simple sibling rivalry; it stems from the deep rooted symptoms of his personality disorder, traits which can explain many of his despicable actions. Scar has utter disregard and violation of the rights of others, he doesn’t think twice about luring Simba into a trap that will kill him or throwing his brother off the cliff to his death.
Added to that we have Scar’s deep seated narcissism; he is fiercely devoted to his own thirst for power. He might be aware of the destructive force of his power struggles on those around him but it doesn’t matter to him. As for his tyrannical leadership of the hyena population, Scar is arrogant and demanding and he expects everyone to follow his every whim, something that becomes apparent when he replaces his dead brother as king of the pride. In The Lion King, Scar simply didn’t care about the widespread damage caused to the pride lands; if anything he was proud of the death and devastation, although a distorted view of action and consequence meant he didn’t have the foresight to see that this would lead to a lack of food supply.

Dogs in a ZOG world

Under the insanity of LGBTP, even animals can identify as something foreign to their biology.

Semitic Storefronts

Search & Destroy, a mega degenerate store on St. Marks Place (in the East Village) described as an “edgy shop packed from floor to ceiling with vintage punk-rock apparel & accessories for men & women.”  Note the usage of Mickey Mouse, skeletons and the numerous naked plastic babies.  According to Yelp, this establishment is “racist” and sells merchandise with “Nazi” symbols.  If this was actually an NS or racialist establishment, the window dressing would be far different than it is.
Window display from the neotonus comic book shop Forbidden Planet, featuring a life-size figure of the Terminator Robot, from the new film Dark Fate.  Note the mini tranny flag and the reflection in the glass from the optical shop Cohen’s.  What a cohencidence!


The Australian illustrator known as Brolga got his start as a street artist while attending Pratt Institute and living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. In his spare time he spray-painted his life-size characters onto posters that he plastered throughout his neighborhood. Moving on to murals, he caught the eye of consultants helping curate “Lucky” Larry Silverstein’s previous art project. For his current effort, the 31-year-old artist sought to broadcast a message of vibrancy and joy using colorful images like a toucan and three-eyed tiger. “The history of the area is quite emotionally heavy,” he said. “I wanted to create a contrast and do something uplifting.”
So not only did our enemies detonate the Twin Towers, kill nearly 3,000, injure 6,000, make a ton of sheckels off of the insurance and start a war for drugs in Afghanistan, but now they are defacing the “memorial” with their perception of “high art.” These people are the scum of the Earth and the scourge of humans.
Artist Brogla standing in front of his World Trade Center mural.  Is he White or a fellow white?
Unsettling pop “art” from the Australian artist, Brogla. A brogla is an Australian crane.
Elvis as a pizza slice by Brogla.  According to a new book, Presley was an ephebophiliac rapist who had sex with girls as young as 14 and was obessed with virginity.  This is fitting given the usual message behind pizza symbolism.
Another Brogla piece that was featured in the jew York Times.  Note the grotesque multiculti/tranny/zombie vibe.

Tranny “Art”

Random degenerate “art” depicting a drag queen/tranny.


Communism = jew Capitalism = jew  National Socialism = the antidote


There is no such thing as equality in the Natural world. Nature’s perfection is based on the harmonic dance of inequality. Only in a synthetic ZOG world would equality be a desirable asset. If the talmudic homos get their way, this picture will be our future:
White genocide
Please share this article with others and do all you can to expose this vile agenda for what it is: genocide and child abuse.



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