Wednesday, June 12, 2019


The challenges facing Israel do not let up, and the country deals with them not only by responding after the fact, but also by preempting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday.

Netanyahu's words at a memorial ceremony in Rehovot for Ephraim Katzir, Israel's fourth president, came just hours after the Syrian State News Agency (SANA) said that Syria's air defense thwarted an Israeli missile attack on Tel al-Hara in southern Syria.
“The chain of tests we are dealing with is unending,”  Netanyahu said. “We respond firmly and forcefully to any attack against us, but we do not act only after the fact, we are denying the enemy's capabilities before the act.”

"The chain of tests that we are dealing with is unending. We respond vigorously and with force to all attacks against us; however, we do not take action only after the fact. We deny the enemy's capabilities before the fact. We are acting methodically and consistently to prevent our enemies from establishing offensive bases against us in our vicinity."

Netanyahu said that in a “systematic and consistent manner” Israel was working to prevent its enemies from establishing “offensive attack bases in our vicinity.”

Tel al-Hara is a strategic hill providing a strategic view of the Golan Heights that reportedly houses an air defense base.  The area was recaptured by the Syrian Arab Army last July.

SANA reported that the Israeli missile attack on the site resulted only in material damage, without casualties. The agency said that Israel also conducted cyber attacks on Syrian radar systems, in order to jam the Syrian radar.

According to a Ynet, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the attack was aimed at positions of the Syrian regime and its loyal militias in the Tel al-Hara area on the outskirts of the Daraa district. There were also reports that anti-aircraft batteries and a radar system belonging to the Syrian army were located in the area that was attacked.

On June 2, Syrian media reported that the IDF attacked military targets in Syria, including the T-4 airbase near Homs in the north of the country, after two rockets were launched towards Israeli territory from Syria. One of the rockets landed in the Golan Heights, while the other fell in Syrian territory.

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