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Jews Promote “Alternative Sexuality” as Colon Cancer Rates in Millennials Rise

It is a well established fact that jews not only own Hollywood, but also the pornographic film industry. jews are also disproportionately represented in the sex toy industry over other races. What was once a niche market has grown from $15 billion in 2016 and is projected to surpass $50 billion by 2020.
The increasing use of adult toys for “therapeutic purpose” is considered by “experts” to be the major factor for the growth of the market.  Increase in openness, drive for excitement and adventure, passion for quirky products and heightened desire for experimentation are the factors driving the market.
Doc Johnson
Doc Johnson is a California-based sex toy company. It was founded in 1976 by (((Rueban Sturman))) and (((Ron Braverman))). The company is currently run by Ron Braverman and his son, Chad Braverman. It is one of the largest sex toy manufacturers in the world and they produce the majority of their merchandise at a factory in North Hollywood, California. As of 2012, Doc Johnson employed over 500 people, and has been described by Los Angeles Magazine as “the Procter & Gamble of sex toys.” With a 250,000 square foot complex in the San Fernando Valley, employees create, mold, package and ship some 75,000 products per week, according to the jew York Times.
Back in mid 1970’s, Chad Braverman’s father, Ron, invested a small grubstake in a manufacturing start-up. Customers bought his products at the back of seedy bookstores and scurried out with their purchases concealed in brown paper bags.
The younger Mr. Braverman, who was not yet born, grew up ignorant of how his father actually made a living. He would be well into his teens before learning that the company his father ran with Sturman (who was considered to be the “Walt Disney of Porn”) was not, as he had long supposed, some sort of criminal enterprise.
It was this big mystery no one ever talked about, what my dad was making,” Mr. Braverman, now 35, said recently at the North Hollywood offices of Doc Johnson Enterprises, the family firm. “For a long time I just thought he was in the Mafia.”
What Ronald A. Braverman did was make rubber penises. He also manufactured latex vaginas and hand-shaped items devised for anal insertion and a variety of other novelties associated with masturbatory pleasures. In the evolving parlance of successive eras, those items were euphemistically known first as marital aids — as though a vibrator were a couples counselor — and then sex toys and, eventually, “pleasure products.”
Sure, people used to joke about it,” Chad said. “Does your dad really make rubber penises? But then by the time I was in college, it suddenly flipped, and it made me the coolest person around.”
Employees inspect molds in the silicone lab at the Doc Johnson factory. Most of their workers are Mestizos.
We now look at what we’re doing as being about creating an experience, like entertainment,” Mr. Braverman said, adding that his company’s trademarked new Kink by Doc Johnson line of products — rubber sheets, dog collars and assorted fetish gizmos — “is really killing it.”
Smut peddlers:  L to R: Nick Orlandino, Pipedream Products; Susan Colvin, CalExotics; Ron Braverman, Doc Johnson.
Phthalates, a family of industrial chemicals used to soften PVC plastic and as solvents in cosmetics and other consumer products, can damage the liver, kidneys, lungs, and reproductive system — particularly the developing testes. Exposure to phthalates could be one of the causes of transgenderism.  Phthalates are one of the main anti-androgen chemicals, and have been blamed for blocking the action of testosterone in the womb and are alleged to cause low sperm counts, high rates of testicular cancer and malformations of the sexual organs. People are exposed to phthalates from a variety of sources, including beauty products, PVC toys (including sex toys), vinyl shower curtains, bath mats, rubber shoes, car seats, wallpaper and numerous other consumer products. Research has suggested that male babies around 8-12 weeks after conception can be effectively demasculinized by exposure to such chemicals.
Brain-poisoned zombies patiently waiting like cattle to be exposed to toxic chemicals. Doc Johnson teamed up with the artist Whitney Bell to unveil its traveling sex toy vending machine, the Pop Up Pleasure Machine, at an exhibit in Los Angeles.
The peddlers of peversion over at Doc Johnson claim to be phthalate free, but their devices contain sil-a-gel, a toxic substance that is really no different than a phthalate laced sex toy. The same reactions are reported from use of sil-a-gel products, which includes rashes, redness, blisters, chemical skin burns and extreme pain. Pretty sexy, right? Most people report that these sex toys stink, which means VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) are present.
I’m certain these juden are lying about the phthalate content of their products, especially as there are no regulations for sex toys. And think of all the confused children whose pathetic parents purchased them prosthetic “penis packers” to wear in their undies. I would imagine a tiny person’s immune system is much more vulnerable to these chemicals, and that these “kiddie sex toys” could exacerbate a pre-existing case of gender dysphoria.
This video explains in detail what phthalates do to the human body:
Colon Cancer
Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the second leading cancer which can lead to an untimely death. A study performed in 2016 estimated that 134,000 people were diagnosed with CRC that year, and approximately 49,000 of those people died. The rates among young and middle-aged adults are on the rise. Currently 30% of CRC diagnoses are in people younger than 55. People who are born in 1990 have twice the risk of colon cancer and four times the risk of rectal cancer.

Colorectal Cancer Rates

20-39Increased by 1-2.4% since mid-1980’s
40-54Increased by 0.5-1.3% since mid-1990’s
55+Rates have declined

Rectal Cancer Rates

20sIncreased by 3.2%, diagnosed 1974-2013
55 or younger15% diagnosed 1989-1990
30% diagnosed 2012-2013

Projected Rectal Cancer Rates by 2030

20-34Increase by 90%
35-49Increase by 28%
Generation X (1960-1980)
Millennials (1980-2000)
Increasing for both
The majority of the research suggests the increase of CRC rates has a direct correlation to obesity. It is not the only factor to blame, as there are other factors which influence cancer, such as a lack of exercise, poor diet and lifestyle choices.
There are additional challenges with the younger population, as well. Trends show that younger patients are more likely than older patients to have a positive diagnosis of a distal lesion. Lesion, from the Latin word laedere, means to injure. A lesion is described as a region in an organ or tissue which has suffered damage through injury or disease, such as a wound, ulcer, abscess, or tumor. Also known as a: bruise, contusion, scratch, scrape, cut, gash, laceration, tear, puncture, ulceration, sore, carbuncle, canker or technically speaking, a trauma.
Toxic: Anjani Siddhartha, a product artist for Doc Johnson, makes a mold out of clay.  Note the 6 pointed star tattoo on her arm.
Sodomy, whether acted out via the reproductive organs or through the use of a sex toy, puts a person at a risk for developing lesions. In his Summa Contra Gentiles Thomas Aquinas ranked sodomy as the worst crime second only to murder itself, because it essentially amounted to wanton destruction of a potential person. With homosexuality being celebrated and sodomy on the rise, I’ve noticed that the activity changes a man’s gait from well-postured and firm to loose and swishy.
Research has suggested that sodomy could contribute to colorectal cancer risk. Sodomy can transmit the human papillomavirus (HPV), and HPV in turn leaves the cells around the rectum more vulnerable to mutating and becoming cancerous. A similar risk exists wherever HPV rears its ugly head, including the mouth, throat and cervix. And because sodomy is generally more damaging to the inner lining of the rectum than normal sex is to the vagina, HPV and other sexually transmitted infections are more easily spread between people who engage in sodomy. Similarly, the greater number of sexual partners, the greater the risk of cancer.  It is a well established fact that homosexuals can have hundreds of partners during a lifetime. Besides all of the above, sodomy can lead to rectal prolapse, a horrifying condition that occurs when part of the large intestine slips outside the anus.
HPV is also the most common sexually transmitted infection in the U.S. Every person who got the jew jab vaccine for Gardasil has now been infected with multiple strains of HPV, ironically not the one most likely transmitted through sexual contact. Our enemies are not just peddling this subcutaneous poison to young girls, but also young boys as a way to prevent anal cancer. How can something which contains the very virus that causes the disease be touted as prophylactic?
Other Contributors to Colon Cancer
1. Genetic diseases (miscegenation)
Up to 35 percent of people who develop cancer before age 50 have genetic mutations. This suggest that genetics are affecting younger people much more than older ones. Since race-mixing is more prevalent that ever, genetic disease is just fancy science speak for dysgenics. Two common forms of genetic conditions seen in colorectal cancer patients include familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP), which is when hundreds of polyps cover the inner lining of the colon, and Lynch syndrome, which is a non-polyposis syndrome that increases risk of developing colorectal cancer and other malignancies.
2. Diet
It has been known for years that a low-fiber diet that’s high in animal protein can also increase colon cancer risk. A person’s overall health can benefit from consuming a healthy diet that prioritizes fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Furthermore, new studies have suggested that certain foods can negatively affect the microbiome, or the bacteria population in the colon, which could result in a higher risk of colorectal cancer.  Fusobacterium is a bacteria that is spread through bodily fluids, and is associated with HPV.
It’s also worth mentioning that the jewsmedia is constantly promoting the latest nutrition fad, typically one that will promise quick weight loss but long term detrimental health effects such as the ketogenic diet. Young people tend to be more heavily influenced by trends, and are more likely to try such things as a (((gluten free))) diet or tranny meat.
3. Alcohol
Heavy alcohol consumption, or more than two drinks per day for men and one drink per day for women, could be another important risk factor for colorectal cancer. It’s not surprising that Millennials are using alcohol to numb themselves from the horror that occurs daily on this planet, but it’s also worth pointing out that most booze is contaminated with glyphosate and GMO’s.
Our enemies are also pushing the narrative that “homosexuals are better in bed.” A study looking at the differences in orgasm frequency among homosexual, bisexual and heterosexual men and women suggests that same-sex partners are better at bringing their lovers to ecstasy than their heterosexual counterparts. This is reliant on the premise that good sex is defined by the frequency of orgasms. Perhaps this can be explained by the fact that people are usually more familiar with their own anatomy, and not that of the opposite sex. Of course any “sexual education” taught in the public fooling system revolves non reproductive sexual acts, which only strives to create more of a divide between the sexes.  
To me, this is proof that many homosexuals are obsessed with release, making their “choice” a genuine paraphilia. Since when was a consensual, sacred exchange solely based on getting off? If homos were truly “better in bed,” they would be able to have children.  
From what I can gather, jews are peddling sex toys and sodomy to a generation of traumatized people. Wouldn’t it make sense that people who have experienced physical, emotional and especially sexual trauma feel some sort of sexual numbness? Perhaps these people are being made to believe they are more in need of a sex toy, but using these devices is just a band-aid that never gets to the root of the harm that was suffered. Not only can one increase the likelihood of getting cancer from using these toys, but it makes abused people into fetishists which is exactly what the goal is. And all of this is marketed as “feminist” and “progressive.”
Another unsavory and downright genocidal notion being passed around is that homosexuals are saving the Earth because they are not reproducing and adding to our already overpopulated world. Yes, the brown world is overpopulated, but this is such diseased and disordered thinking. Here’s an idea: let’s stop aiding them and see how overpopulated they’ll remain.
In this absolutely disgusting and very jewish “comedy” video (with nearly 2 million views), the agenda for turning men into faggots is crystal clear.
Healthy sexuality is based on intimacy, respect and trust. The Rigveda, which is the work of our ancestors, even includes a section on tantra, which focuses on the weaving and expansion of energy. One can practice tantra solo or with a partner. Like yoga, it has immense value in helping one feel whole after experiencing a violation. It aims to create a true mind-body connection, unlike “alternative sexuality” which exploits trauma sufferers and pushes a genocidal narrative.
Say no to White genocide.


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