Saturday, June 1, 2019

Hateful Serenity

I sit here and slowly slit my eyes
Take a deep breath
To feel the hate pass through my body

The one within your soul
To reflect the darkness
Kill the ones holding you
Killing our inner child

I need hateful serenity
In this place where I shall hide
I need hateful serenity
For nothing will change until the day go by

Where can we go where we don't know?
To light the flames of hate when it becomes cold
Why do we dream when thoughts have no meaning?
For that is what we shall learn to control
Violent visions have slowly stolen my life
Tearing away everything and anything
Killing me out of my time

I was the one who hated you
With all my rights and might
And each day I will kill you dear
To end your life with my inner child

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