Friday, June 28, 2019

“German” Intelligence Kvetches About Rise of “Anti-semitism” in Occupied Germany

The Associated Press is reporting that occupied Germany’s domestic intelligence agency BfV (Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz) is growing alarmed about the increase in anti-semitism and an associated rise in “far-right extremists.”
The BfV agency is claiming in its annual report, which was released Thursday, that the number of “anti-Semitic” violent acts is up to 48, from 21 the previous year, which is an increase of 71.4%.
Do they even keep track of the number of anti-German attacks that take place due to the immigrant invasion that occupied Germany’s politicians welcomed in? Just like with World War II, the immense suffering of the Germany people does not matter; the only thing with which we should concern ourselves is the alleged (and massively debunked) suffering of jews and other minorities.
BfV is also claiming that the number of “far-right extremists” (i.e., any German that does not like having their borders opened by jews so that their country can be completeley overrun) has also risen by 100, up to 24,100 people. Occupied intelligence is saying that half of these people could be “potentially violent.”
I have to wonder where in the world they are getting these numbers (maybe Faceberg is providing them data on “hate suspects”), but even if the data is legitimate, they are kvetching about a 0.4% increase, which is far below what I would suspect, especially as Germany is the #2 country (behind the US) for both Renegade Tribune and Renegade Broadcasting.
The patriotic Germans who are resisting jewish-orchestrated White genocide are being persecuted by an alien ruling elite. They are standing up against an incredibly hostile and violent system that wants to see them eradicated, as has been detailed in the Kalergi Plan, the Hooton Plan, the Morgenthau Plan, and more.
One of the jews actively persecuting indigenous Germans is Anneta Kahane, a former Stasi agent.
Back in 1998 she started the Amadeu Antonio Foundation in order to “combat xenophobia, antisemitism and right-wing extremism.” She received the Moses Mendelssohn prize for this work in 2012, which was donated by the Senate of Berlin. In 2015 she was employed by the occupied German government to lead a task force against “xenophobic” facebook posts.
Kahane is quoted as saying:
In Eastern Germany are not enough people, who are visible minorities, for example blacks.”
Thanks jewish subversive for letting people know who is behind the White genocide agenda! Kahane also stated:
It’s a confession of failure that one third of this country is still white”
These quotes remind me of what Hitler stated many years ago:
the Jews had brought the Negroes into the Rhineland with the clear aim of ruining the hated white race by the necessarily-resulting bastardization.”
As just one more example of a jewish subversive (there are many!), here we have a jewish politician in occupied Germany calling Germans “Nazis” and saying that their extinction is “fortunate.”
Of course hostility towards jews is always portrayed as completely unjustified and irrational. The reasons why patriotic Germans oppose these insane genocidal jews is never mentioned in the mainstream media.
Interior Minister Horst Seehofer recently said:
we can find in almost all areas of far-right extremism hostile attitudes toward Jews … it’s a development that we must take, very, very, very seriously.”
Seehofer also said that the “far-right” also sees migrants, Muslims and politicians as enemies. Well, of course they do! jews and their proxies are seeking to obliterate the German people, along with the entire White race! It’s a development we here at Renegade “must take very, very, very seriously.”

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