Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Forget The Jewish Name

Forget The Jewish Name

Tell all the kikes they are dead
We're killing them
This time it's for good
Tell all the kikes that they will be dead
It won't be long till the world forgets the Jewish name!

Can't you tell we're losing ourselves?
We have been trying way too hard
Let our hatred show
To let them know
Never try to trace our footsteps again

For thanks to Jews we were gone for a long time
Standing by the sidelines
Hoping for our chance to kill
Now I know we won't leave any of our kind behind

Never did I think we would have the chance to say
Can't Jews tell that we no longer know ourselves?
We need someone like me to remind them
To let Jews die
Please let these kikes know
To never try to trace the footsteps back to me

And if I had the chance
If I had one chance
To kill them all again
I would expect nothing less than their deaths

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