Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Bulgarian Prosecutors Reverse Decision not to Proceed over Hitler Stickers

The District Prosecutor’s Office in Bourgas has overturned a decision by the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in the Bulgarian Black Sea city not to open pre-trial proceedings in connection with stickers depicting Hitler and swastikas found in April on judicial buildings.
The stickers were placed on April 19-20, at the time of Hitler’s birthday. They were stuck to the building of the Court of Justice in Bourgas.
A statement by Bulgaria’s Prosecutor’s Office on June 10 said that the placing of the stickers “seriously affected the norms of morality and represents a brutal disregard for public order and morals”.
It said that the decision by the Regional Prosecutor’s Office that there was lack of evidence of a crime had been incorrect and thus was overruled.
“Given the fact that signs and symbols of fascist ideology had been put up in a public place, it was necessary to investigate whether this was tantamount to preaching a fascist ideology”, a thought crime under Bulgaria’s Criminal Code.
Such an assessment would be made by the relevant special prosecutor’s office, the statement said.

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