Saturday, May 18, 2019

WWE Superstar Fined $100K for “Racist” 10-Year-Old Internet Posts

This is absolutely nuts. Wrestling is so gay now. Lars Sullivan a new WWE wrestler was just fined $100,000 because of some insensitive and “racist” Internet posts he made 10 years ago.
He is also being required to take sensitivity training for his previous wrong thoughts.
At least they didn’t fire him, but it’s still dumb as all fuck. His comments weren’t even that bad and were just general observations about racial differences and how things really are versus how leftists want them to be. His comments were not only accurate but funny.
Apparently some Reddit user dug them up and compiled them in order to try and get Sullivan fired from his job which in of itself is a fag move. If you do this to someone as part of an effort to destroy their livelihood you are a piece of shit and deserve to die.
But back then, making statements like these on the Internet were not going to get you fired from your job or your life ruined. It just shows how much our society has been transformed by all this politically correct nonsense. They want everybody walking around on eggshells afraid to say anything about how things really are.
I’m assuming that he wasn’t fired due to the fact that Vince McMahon seems to be sexually attracted to large sweaty men like Sullivan.
It’s a sad situation. Wrestling used to be highly entertaining. But that was before it got perverted with political correctness. Now the main WWE product is difficult to watch. It’s like a gay soap opera with all sorts of feminist bullshit thrown in. They recently had Ronda Rousey beating up male security guards and other gay shit. And now they force one of their new “monster” wrestlers to take sensitivity training because he made politically incorrect Internet posts 10 years ago.

Political correctness has ruined everything, even wrestling. If WWE was smart, they could take advantage of this real life story and turn Sullivan’s character into an actual racist railing against political correctness in his promos. They won’t do it though. They don’t have the balls.

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