Sunday, May 26, 2019

With You

I never want this moment to end
Where everything is nothing without you
I will wait forever just to see your smile
For the truth is I am nothing without you

Throughout life, I have made many mistakes
Through the stumble and fall, I say these words
I want you to know I will not let go
My words are my heart and soul
I will hold onto this moment
For I will bleed from my heart to show you I won't let go

My thoughts are unspoken, always in doubt
As the memories fall to the floor
I knew what I have done, still I won't let go
For the truth is, I am nothing without you

Through the streets, I walk alone
Now with nowhere to go, I have come to my end
In front of our eyes, the tears fall from the skies
When you never know what you will find

What will we find?

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