Wednesday, May 15, 2019

When The Jews Owned Hungary

What a … cohencidence, when I discovered the Jewish role in the Hungarian Soviet Republic, which was a short-lived communist state in Hungary in 1919 in the chaotic aftermath of the First World War, in which Hungary was sentenced to the Treason of Trianon.
Let’s take a look at its composition.
President and prime minister: Sándor Garbai
Commissar for Interior and Trade: Jenö Landler ✡, Béla Vágó ✡ (Weiss)
Commissars of Agriculture: Sándor Csizmadia, Károly Vántus, Jenö Hamburger ✡, György Nyisztor
Commissars of Defense: József Pogány ✡ (Schwartz), Béla Szántó ✡ (Schreiber)
Commissars of Justice: Zoltan Rónai ✡ (Rosenthal), István Láday
Commissars of Food: Mór Erdélyi ✡, Bernát Kondor ✡ (Kohn)
Commissars of Education: Zsigmond Kunfi ✡ (Kohn), György Lukács ✡ (Löwinger), Tibor Szamuely ✡, Sándor Szabados
Commissar of Foreign Affairs: Béla Kun ✡ (Kohn, he was the actual leader of the Hungarian Soviet Republic), Péter Ágoston ✡ (Augenstein)
Commissar of Labor: Dezsö Bokányi
Commissar of German Affairs: Henrik Kalmár ✡ (Kohn)
Commissar of Finance: Jenö Varga ✡ (Weiss), Gyula Lengyel ✡ (Goldstein)
Commissar of Socialism: Vilmos Böhm ✡, Antal Dovcsák
Commissars of Economic Product: Gyula Hevesi ✡, Mátyás Rákosi ✡ (Rosenfeld), József Kelen ✡ (Klein), Ferenc Bajáki
Others involved: Artúr Illés ✡ (Braun), József Haubrich, Béla Székely ✡ (Weisz), Rezsö Fiedler, Antal Guth ✡, Oreszt Szabó, Ernö Seidler ✡, Dezsö Bíró ✡ (Buxbaum), László Dienes, Mór Preusz ✡, Sándor Vincze ✡(Weinberger), Ákos Hevesi ✡ (Heck), Ágoston Stefán, József Rabinovits ✡, Jenö Horovitz ✡,  Elek Bolgár ✡(Breuer), Gyula Alpári ✡ (Adler),
There was a total of 46 government officials, with 32 of them being Jewish, which is 70%. Imagine being 5% of the population of Hungary (1910, nine years before the Hungarian Soviet Republic), and 70% of the communist government. Imagine the government of France consisting for 70% of Algerians, Moroccans and Tunisians, or the German government consisting of 70% Turks. Still, these historical facts are neglected and instead we choose to portray Hitler as a mad-man who just blamed Jews for communism for no particular reason other than vile hatred.
Now pay some respect to the six million and never remember the Holodomor!

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