Sunday, May 26, 2019

The Greatest Gift

The greatest excitement came today
When you are awake, you will hear it
I received a gift that blew me away
It came from the western seas straight to me

God, I know that I am in it now
The rush flows to my brain
My voice is as loud as it is lonely
The joys of this pain whispers to me

Now suddenly
You have done it all
As you have won me over
In little to now time

Your love will stop the storms when it rains
Your love can light paths from afar
To make the fears of others melt away
And my world might soon disappear

If you ask, I will do as you say
All we have to do is get through the night
With the look of your smile
You have left me all twisted and confused

God, I know that I am in for it now
How this kiss may seem vague
But I swear I will melt once we touch hands

And then we will do it again and again

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