Friday, May 10, 2019


House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff said during a live interview with Axios Friday that he believes the case for impeaching President Donald Trump “gained weight” this week. 

“The question is, is it right for the country to embark on an impeachment knowing that it will ultimately be unsuccessful? Is the process of impeachment so vital and important to undertake that it is merited even if they can’t be successful," he said. Even if the House did vote to impeach the president, the majority-Republican Senate would not likely convict him. 

“I will say having obstructed the Justice Department, the investigation and now obstructing Congress, the case for impeachment gains weight, and if it were determined by a court that we cannot do our oversight outside of an impeachment proceeding, that might be the most powerful argument for initiating one.” 

The comments come on that same day that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that the U.S. was in a “constitutional crisis” over the president’s actions surrounding special counsel Robert Mueller’s report and suggested that Trump could be “self-impeaching.” 

Some Republicans, meanwhile, have broken rank with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who declared “case closed” on the Mueller investigation from the Senate floor this week. 

California Representative Devin Nunes has worked alongside Schiff to subpoena the full unredacted report and accompanying evidence, and Senator Richard Burr has subpoenaed Donald Trump Jr. to testify in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee, which he chairs. 

On Friday, Republican Representative Will Hurd said that he believes Mueller should testify in front of Congress. 

“We’re talking about a report, one dude’s opinion of a report written by another dude. Let's have that dude that wrote the report come to Congress and talk about that and people get to ask him questions,” Hurd said. “And then, again, we should be talking about this disinformation strategy and how to deal with it in the future.”

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