Saturday, May 25, 2019

The Anti Jewish Anthem

Everything has fell to pieces
The earth is dying, kill Jews Jesus
We need guidance, we were misled by Jews
Young and hateful still never stupid

White Trash leaders, Jewish politicians

Kikes can vote, still why elect them?
Jewish laws rule the school and workplace
We need signs to caution unsafe menorahs

We really need to kill Jews through

We never planned to be abused
We must never give up, Jews are no good
We are already fucked up, Jews are to blame!

Let this kike train burn more slowly

Jews were never victims in their stories
Drown the Jewish youth with useless warnings
Kike-ass rules are useless and boring

Everything Jews built will fall to pieces

Everything Jews built shall fall to pieces
Everything Jews built must fall to pieces
Everything Jews built can fall to pieces 

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