Screaming Truths

I'm missing you baby
I' never asleep
I avoid all the places we used to sleep
As this bottle of booze
Takes me home

I'm cuddling myself
To blankets and clothes
You're not alone
You were never discreet
I just want to know
Who is taking you home

I'm reading your texts over again
There is not a letter
I can understand
Except where I told you
I have loved you always and forever

For now I'm going to listen
To the most depressing songs
So I can sit alone and wonder
If you're doing alright

But for me, I only wish
To be anywhere but here
With anyone
Hanging out

I miss your laugh
Why did it end?
The look in your eyes
Begins to fade
I know you're not as happy
As you've been pretending

I miss my bed
I can never sleep
I avoid all the places we used to speak
As this bottle of booze
Is calling me home

Your lies are everywhere
As I scream for the truth

And it is taking its tolls.....